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Wonders of the sea

GEOFFROY: Capture the waves

Clark Little did not intend to become one of the most renowned Surf photographers in the world, it just… happened. When his wife came home with a framed photo of the Waimea shorebreake, he put a cheap “waterproof” casing on a cheaper camera and headed out to capture the waves. Find how it went from then here.

MAITE: Grass underwater

Mediterranean Submarine meadows are disappearing, and why should we bother about it? After all, they're plants, there are others. However, the Posidonia Oceanica is one of the few existent things that act as natural ‘decarbonizers’, and consume CO2, cleaning the atmosphere. Find more here.

Far East


Thailand's world-famous attractions have been well-documented Hollywood movies and modern fiction. Still, to witness the Grand Palace in person or to watch a Railey Beach sunset or even to approach Phi Phi Don for the first time is guaranteed to send a shiver up the spine of even a hardened traveler. Find Here top 10 things to enjoy there.

FELIX: Chaos or not?

Devdutt Pattanaik takes a different view on chaos and order, explaining how, if you looked at it from another angle, chaos does not exist, the only thing there are, are different patterns that we do not understand yet because we are not used to them. Watch him in this video.

ALEJANDRA: Try other things

There's more to japanese cuisine than sushi and raw fish. In fact, those are not even the most popular in the country. So now that other, more sophisticated, dishes are arriving to our country, try and tast something new. Find 11 unknown delicious japanese dishes here.

All kind of people

VERÓNICA: The art of not mattering

“Oh, well, it does not matter” with that sentence you find that Marta Barroso has summarized a way of living, friendship over the years and some other wonderful things. Read it here.

JUNCAL: Leaving words behind

Ana María Matute was one of the most established figures in the Spanish literature, maintaining its child spirit until the last moments of her life, her death left most readers feeling bereft. Still, we will always have her incredible tales. Read about her here.