The Sea Otter

Enhydra Lutris


There are two types of sea otter's northern Enhydra lutris kenyoni) found in the mornorthen parts of the pacific like Washington, British Colombia, Russia, and parts of Jappan. And southern (Enhydra lutris nereis) also known as California sea otters, live in the waters along the California coastline and range from San Mateo County in the north to Santa Barbara County in the south. California sea otters grow to about 4 feet; Northern sea otters are slightly larger.With California sea otters, 45 lbs (females) to 65 lbs (males). Northern sea otters can reach up to 100 pounds.Sea otter’s have webbed feet. Unlike most animals their fifth digit is the longest, which allows them to reach greater speeds while swimming. However this hinders their movement on land. They swim with both their feet and their muscular tail and are able to reach speeds of 5.5 mph. In the picture you can see the otters holding hands, this is so that if they drift the don't get separated.

Back ground information

Sea otters are the largest mammal in the the weasel family, and are the second smallest mammals. They are a keystone species because the indirectly protect the kelp forrests that help with green house gases. Their numbers used to be close to a million but durning the early 1900's they were hunted and their numbers dipped down between 1,000 - 2,000 . Thamkfuly their numbers are slowly rising and in California alone there are just under 3,000 world wide th numbers are estimated to be 106,000 but they are still endangered.
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