Child Obesity

by Usman

It Says

The text is telling that "more Canadian kids are obese then ever and they wont even live up to the age of their own parents they will die earlier then any generation before them died or will"
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I Say

I feel that this is not write we should get some excercise and we should go outside and play alot more, instead of staying indoors and watching T.V. and laying video games etc. What we are doing is way too much before sure there was such thing as obesity but now we have just created a new dimension thousands of people become obese and it seems as though more then half the world is obese and less and less people are not considering diets or getting out of this its very dangerous for us and can also cause alot of diseases which can actually kill us at times.

And So

And So I think that its not only the kids alot of the adults too are obese and since the adults/parents are obese the odds are they wont tell their kids about this stuff because they probably dont know and so the kid will get obese as well which is a big factor in why kids are getting more and more obese as time goes on maybe we should be told about this. If we are told and many kids are they dont listen. Im not a big fan of being grounded i dont think it's thought through well because if your child is obese and you ground them give them food in their room and they eat up sit there and rest well it's quite obvious what is going to occur and so we should not ground kids for the well being if you want to punish your child make them do insanity everyday or so to get them fit and in shape many people would find that punishing. We should be pushed harder to go outside and play some sports or athletic games to get ourself fit and cut down on the food get some nutrients.