U.S. Southeast Region

By: Allan Amaya Cameron Leah

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Cameron is climate and products.Amaya is natural resourses,landmarks,andculture. Allan is special places. Leah is interesting fact. Read our report.

Climate and products

I'm studying the southeast and I do climate and products.The climate is mosty sunny and they don't have much winter in the southeast .The products are peanuts, cotten, and oil. there isn't much rain.


Landmarks in the southeast are mostly sunny. They have beaches in the southeast. Disney world is in the Southeast Region. I like too vist Disney world in the southeast.
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Natural Resources

Some natural resources are water,peanuts,oil, and cotton. These natural resources are common here. We have a picture of a peanut and a cotton plant.
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special places

There are 12 states in the southeast region. there are many landmarks. my friend Amaya wants to go to The Smokey Moutains. My friend Leah wants to go to Disney World. I want to go to st. Augustine. My friend Cameron wants to go to Coca-Cola world.

coca-cola world



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populaition of the southeast

109,083,752 people

Here's a interesting fact:

In the southeastern state florida,in the naitional park florida everglades is the only place in the world that both crocodiles and alligators meet in the wild.
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