Trip to the Pound

By Jovan

Dogs and cats,kittens and puppies,Whatever you call them.These fluffy animals can cost up to hundreds of dollars to adopt.They need to lower the prices on these animals for adoption fees. Adoption fees should be lowered because some people are paying to much money on pet food,vet bills,and accessories. The kill rate is too high in shelters and people don't always have a good home for their pets. High fees just make this harder.
Food for pets can cost lots of money.Food is something that animals and humans need to survive so that is why we need this.Vet bills pretty much cost the most because pets need check ups once in a while.Accessories cost lots of money because some people like to have fancy fancy collars that have many many gems,on the collar or accessories that the person wants like.Diamonds,ruby,emerald,gold,amethyst and,pearl.
Most people don't have good homes for the pet to live in. You need to have a good clean home so your pet doesn't get fleas. Fleas are these tiny little bugs that can eat on your dog or cat. This makes them get sick or even die.
I think people should help lower the kill rate.I think this because most animals are being killed.2.7 million pets are being killed every year in animal shelters.And every 60 seconds a animal is being killed,abused,or locked up in shelters. This is unacceptable!
Also a trip to the pound would be nice because my class is learning about animal and plant cells.And how they are and were made.So this would make a good trip for the class.
Finally a trip to the pound would be nice because it would be good because everyone gets time off of writing and you would get to see lots of animals and you might be able to get the chance to even pet a animal or more. :]