World War 2 technology

Air Technology, Ocean Technology, and Ground Technology

Air Technology

One of the planes that were used was a small and fast fighter plane designed to fight air to air combat, as well as a big bomber plane used to bomb on an enemy target. Finally a Transport plane designed to deliver supplies and solders. Radar was a technology made right before world war 2 it is used to detect enemy aircraft. The atomic bomb is a destructive and deadly bomb that contained uranium or plutonium which are nuclear substances which are very dangerous

Ocean Technology

In the ocean there are aircraft carriers which are used to hold planes in the middle of the ocean.

Ground Tecnology

Ground technology includes tanks and bombs. Tanks were used to destroy the enemy quickly with a tactic called blitzkrieg AKA lightning war and for bombs there were the V-1 long range flying bomb, the rocket bomb, the bouncing bomb, the bunker buster and the cluster bomb