6th Grade Technology

By: Molly Belanger

What is technology?

Technology is a class that you are taking to learn computer skills. I know I asked myself if will need this in the future, as I got into technology i realized Yes! I will need this in the future and so will you.You will in most jobs nowadays. If you want to be a teacher you need to type your attendance. If you want to be a police officer you have to be able to find information on the bad guy you just caught.The moral of the story in you will need almost every thing you learn in this class.

Learn To Type

This is a typing website that we used and that you will use. This is a great website, it uses

different typing warm ups to create a picture in your head. This picture is your keys on your keyboard, the picture will tell your fingers where to go on the keyboard as you type what you see on your computer screen. When you are working on your typing there is different courses that you will need to pass. The course you will need to pass by the end of the semester is called "Intermediate.''Enjoyed this website because not only did it teach me how to type it showed me how to type efficiently. I hope it does the same for you!


This is one of my favorites! We used the app iMovie, and we created a movie trailer on any thing we wanted. But... with a few rules, This iMovie cant be about Taylor Swift, unless you have personal pictures or videos of her. When I say this I mean you most likely would have an easier time if you picked your family or friends. In my trailer i did it all on my friends and how we are going the make it thought are crazy life strongly. I curios to see if you like this project as much as i did.

Haiku Deck

What is your dream job? Well don't worry, in this unit you can share your dreams with your technology class. You are going to making a presentation on what you want to be when you grow up. Then you will be sharing your creations. When you are presenting you will be tested on your presenting skills. You will also be tested on they way you put your presentation together. When I say that I mean you will be tested on your sentence structure, your punctuation and much more. Have fun with this unit!

Explan Everything

Have you herd of the app "Explain Everything"? Well in this unit you will be using this app. You will be given a math problem and you will have to figure it out in a presentation. You will be using some of the features on the app. For example you will have to use the recording feature. You will have to record yourself, but don't worry if you are not comfortable with your voice on the app, the presentations are only for the teachers ears. Hope you enjoy!

Career Locker

During this unit Mrs.VandenBoogaard came in the room and showed us this website called "Career Locker". She well help you find your dream job. And show you some collages and different things about that collage. Although the unit you get to take a series of test that can find jobs that would be good for you. This unit is very fun, hope u have fun with it too.


During this unit you will use a website that is call Code.org, and will be coding. Coding is like computer programming but on this website they make it fun.They take fun things like angry birds and the ask you to make a code to complete the coarse. You can do many other fun things too. Have fun!