Julius Rundelis

My great Grandfather

More About Him

Julius was born in 1882, in Latvia. He was the son of Maija and Peters Rundelis. Julius had one sibling, Valdamar. He married Alina Mencis and together they had one son, Gunnars, and three daughters, Mirdza, Arija, and Ausma.

Julius worked as a teacher, but after World War 1, you were allowed to change your profession, so Julius became a forester and managed almost all of the forests for the government, but he also was a farmer.

Alina brought in apprentices to learn about farming so that they could farm, too. She also taught her three daughters how to knit and crochet. She always wanted to be a singer though, her best friend from college was an opera singer and that is what she wanted to be but never pursued her dream.

What historical events happened in the year 1882?

-- January 17th, the first dutch female physician opens office, her name was Aletta Jacobs.

-- May 6th, Thomas Henry Burke and Lord Frederick Cavendish are stabbed and killed during the Phoenix Park Murders in Dublin.

-- May 16th, the 8th Kentucky Derby takes place, the winner was Apollo, ridden by Babe Hurd.

--June 17th, 130 people are killed in an Iowa tornado.

--August 3rd, Congress passes 1st law restricting immigration.

--December 22nd, Thomas Edison created the first string of Christmas lights.

The Death of Julius Rundelis

Alina and Julius were both sent to Siberia by the Russians. Alina passed away there, but Julius was sent back to Latvia because of his deteriorating health. When he got back, he stayed with his son, Gunnars, and passed away in their house because of old age. The year was 1958.

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