October 17-21

ALL Drills on Friday, October 21st

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Annual Flu Shot Clinic

The Annual Flu Shot Clinic will be at ECS on Friday Oct. 21st from 3pm to 5pm.

Attached are the instructions to sign up on-line (preferred), or you can walk-in.
You may also sign up to get your shot at any campus in FISD. I am attaching the schedule for you to look at if the date at ECS is inconvenient.

Also if you have insurance through the district- the shot is covered.

Open the Employee Notice for all the particulars about insurance and fees if any apply

See me if you have any questions

-Mary Jo

Attendance- Make sure to wait a few minutes before taking attendance when kids arrive to adjust for those that come a few minutes late.

1) Any student who leaves the school before the bell rings will be marked as a leave early, regardless of the reason.

2) Tardy, Leave Early, Late Pick up and Unexcused absence all count the same. 3 tardies does not equal 1 unexcused absence.

3) If a parent mentions they will be traveling for vacation that consist of 5 consecutive days, please let me know. They have to complete an extended absence form.

4) If a parent is withdrawing a child, the request must be made in writing.

Keep them shoes on...