Derek Larsen

The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.

Some of the physical features are forests, mountains, a desert, plains, and lakes.

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  • Anti-government protests are met by government resistance.
  • A manned space craft is launched for the first time.
  • One third of Kazakhstan's population and live stock died during Joseph Stalin's collectivization.
  • The Bolshevik revolution started a civil war.

People & Places

  • Area in square miles is 1,052,090 miles.
  • Biggest lakes are the Balkhash and Alakol.
  • Winter temperatures can reach -40 degrees.
  • Summer temperatures can reach 104 degrees.


  • New Years is one of the favorite holidays.
  • Like to watch swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and horse racing.
  • Children dress up and wait for Grandfather Frost (Santa Clause) on Christmas.
  • A major holiday is a spring festival called Nauryz.


  • This country has a 47 member senate.
  • Kazakhstan has a 107 member majilis.
  • Rich in natural resources.
  • Have lots of farmers who grow wheat and other grains.


  • Is trying to strengthen the economy and develop natural resources.
  • Trying to avoid corruption, pollution, and unemployment.
  • Russia is taking over the country.