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March- Actively Promoting Literacy & the 4 Cs

How is the library's MakerSpace being used?

Vision Statement

You may remember from last month's newsletter the brief statement about the library's MakerSpace vision. The vision of our MakerSpace is to provide an opportunity for students to extend their reading opportunities to tactile, STEAM related activites centered around the 4C's: communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. In a month, we have done remarkably well towards reaching that goal.

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Below is a PDF copy of our library's makerSpace March calendar.

​Breakout EDU Games- Communication, Critical Thinking & Collaboration

We started playing the Breakout EDU games all month long during lunch. Students who played once got hooked. They kept coming back asking for new games. It is that fun. The library also successfully initiated a piloting program with Ms. Tu's science classes. The program went very well. As expected, students loved the game. There are four things students identified about the game that they enjoyed. First, they liked the communicative aspect of the game. Students must work in teams, collaborate and communicate as they solve each riddle. Every lock that was successfully opened was an occasion to celebrate. Second, they liked using the accessories. It is not often that students get to work with an UV black light to find clues written in invisible ink. Clues were also hidden throughout the library in the form of QR codes that needed to be scanned. Lastly, The whole element of mystery, suspense and detective-like work was enthralling to them.

Arts & Crafts Workshops- Creativity

We sponsored two craft workshops last month. The first one took place on Wednesday, February 14th. Students had the opportunity to create a Valentine's Day bookmark. The second workshop took place on March 28th. Students created Lorax mustaches in honor of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America celebrated March 2nd.

Robotics Workshop

The library hosted a training for teachers and students after-school on Friday, February 9th. The session showcased Rokenbok's focus on applied engineering topics in a fun hands-on setting. We learned about sequence & correspondence, symbolization, spatial reasoning and symmetry among other things.

Game Exhibit Day @ the Library

On Friday, February 9th, we hosted the first game exhibit day at the library. The following clubs participated: Robotics, Chess and Library Club. The library was filled to capacity. Our Robotics Club facilitated a demonstration in the Reference Room. Students had the opportunity to witness how robots are coded and made to move along an established route. The Chess Club hosted a tournament. The Library Club facilitated a breakout game in the computer lab. There was plenty of excitement as students got to see, many for the first time, how to operate robots, play chess or even, play the breakout game.

Book Tasting-Teacher Preview Event

The library was pleased to host a Book Tasting Preview Event for teachers during lunch on Friday, February 9th. Teachers were delighted with the experience. As a token of appreciation, a select number of Library Club members were on hold to assist in serving food to our teachers. The menu included nachos, pasta spinach salad, ice cream and soda.

Book Tasting for Students

Our library was pleased to provide the book tasting experience to English classes for four weeks. This event proved that it is possible to bring back books as the center of conversation among students. Students liked many things about the experience. They enjoyed the new and innovative way of promoting books. Some came to a better appreciation of particular genres after tasking them at the event. This is what student Gianna B. wrote in her reflection, "I loved the whole idea of it. It was a very creative way to get kids into reading and new kinds of books. I liked being introduced to new things and I'm excited to indulge in these new genres."

We celebrated love for reading with a reading contest in February.

What happened?

Students had the opportunity to decorate the library's wall with heart shaped cutouts for each book read. A VIP reception was held on March 2nd to recognize their participation. Students were treated to cake, ice cream and they event got to spin the library's wheel for additional prizes. The event happily coincided with Read Across America Day in honor of Dr. Seuss.
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Dr. Seuss Fun

Dr. Seuss was celebrated with a week-long schedule of activities. We had scavenger hunts, a Lorax craft workshop and the VIP reception on March 2nd. Additionally, we had plenty of photo-ops with the Dr. Seuss themed selfie frame at the library. Below is the file with the schedule of activities for the week. We especially want to thank the following people for their contributions towards the purchase of student incentives to promote reading and the celebration of Dr. Seuss week. We would like to recognize SEA and Kathy Kavouklis for their generous grant and Mr. Govea for helping us with a contribution towards the purchase of cake for our VIP celebration.

Royal Staff Having Fun with the Selfie Frame.

A big thank you to Ms. Burner and her amazing art students for their beautiful decorations.

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Things to look forward to.

1) The library will be joining the American Association of School Librarians in celebrating School Library Month in April. We will celebrate this theme with a book fair the week of April 2nd to the 6th and the "Royal Readers" reading contest that will run for two months. More information on this to follow.

2) Author-Speaker series the week of April 2nd to the 6th. Published authors will be meeting with our students to share about their personal journeys and careers in writing.

3) Our Librarian coordinated a piloting program with Sony Koov to test their new robotics program at a number of libraries in the district. The case study is published here under the heading, "Why educators love Koov." We have ordered the necessary number of kits for a whole class to use. We already have a number of teachers who have expressed interest in their use. We look forward to working on collaborative projects between the Librarian and Classroom Teachers to infuse STEAM projects into diverse curricular subject areas.

Student Trivia

The first 25 students to participate in the survey linked here will be invited to the library to spin the wheel for a prize. Prizes include paperback books and Shakey's pizza. The library is very interested in meeting student needs and we want to know what you want from the Library's Makerspace. The Google Form may also display below.