Insurgent Reflection

Author: Veronica Roth


"I wake with his name in my mouth. Will. Before I open my eyes, I watch him crumple to the pavement again. Dead. My doing."

The author started off her second book in a flashback, reflecting upon what happend at the end of the first book. This foreshadows that there will be more loss of friends and family and that the war will continue.


In Insurgent there are many conflics many of the characters face and overcome. For example, just after lossing her parents and killing her friend, Tris, the main character, must overcome herself to save all the factions, her friends, and all the Divergents. Tris must stand up aginst the leader of Erudite, and her brother, to sacrifice her self for everyone else. Also, her boyfriend, Tobias, has conflict with his father, fighting and standing up to him. But, the big conflict is the war between Erudite and Abgenation. Some of the Dauntless fight aginst the Erudite but, some betrade there faction.

How does the main character change

The main character, Tris, changes ALOT through out this novel. For instance, she started out doing what is best for her and not thinking of others but now, in war, she has to think about others to try to save them and everyone else. I think after her parents and friends have died she dosen't want to loose anyone else so she dose what is best for them, even if it has bad consequinces for her. Her relationship with everyone has changed to, for example, Tobias she has became closer to him because she knows she can trust him. Tris figure out who she can and can't trust which changes her relationship.