Moby Max 2-1-4

2 facts, 1 hint, and 4 resources to get to know Moby Max!

Fact #1: Purpose

Students use this adaptive test to practice common core skills, stopping automatically to re-learn skills that are not mastered and helping to identify gaps in learning.

Fact #2: How is this Resource different than programs we have at MGSD?

This resource is different because you can be very specific about the area in which you want students to practice. For example, you can have students work on vocabulary, language, reading literature, informational text, or reading level.


The initial reading level given by Moby Max is their grade level (ex:4.8). Use the conversion chart located at the bottom right of the screen to see where Moby Max compares this reading level to other systems.

1. Picture of Goal Setting

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2. Picture of Summary

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3.Picture of Lesson Details: Look into a student's lesson to see how they answered each question. Discover the time spent to answer the question, standard, time of day, and specific question.

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4. Teacher Talk with Mike Henry