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Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and are coming back full circle into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world that are benefiting from the powerful properties of essential oils. They truly are a 'Gift of the Earth.'

You are invited to attend a very exciting doTERRA Fall Tour Event being held in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina on November 11, 2015. Tickets are free, but they are going fast.

Ask me how to get free tickets @ kaloessentials@gmail.com or calogrides@hotmail.com

Meet some of the doTERRA Executives and Diamond Team Leaders. Get to know more about the company and the products. New products have been introduced in October and there will be more discussion. Mingle with other people on your team and be encouraged by personal testimonials. This is a very special priviledge to have them come to Charleston for us and we want to show them our appreciation with a warm welcome. See you all soon!


CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils is Part of doTERRA's Promise to You

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Essential Oils?

2. How do I use them?

3. Are they safe for children and pets?

4. How can I get them on a regular basis directly to my home?

5. Is a monthly order through the LRP required to join a membership?


1. Essential Oils are Oxygenating and Regenerating. They are steam distilled with low heat from the leaves, stems, roots, bark, flowers, and tested by an independent lab by chemists who are experts in Essential Oils to ensure only 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade products are used by doTERRA standards, guaranteed to be free from contaminants, herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fillers.

2. Aromatically in a diffuser, or with a drop rubbed in your hands and cupped around your mouth and nose - breathe deeply several times. Topically with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil. Internally in your drinking water, in a capsule or sublinqual. [Never use oils in your eyes, ears or nose]

3. Yes, but you should dilute with a carrier oil and put on the bottom of children's feet. We don't recommend internally for children age 6 or under due to the potency.

4. Enroll in a membership with your choice of essential oils kit and join our optional Loyalty Rewards Program "LRP". You will have an automatic shipment each month for anything you want to add to your collection and earn points on every purchase towards future free oils or products! Ask me how!

5. No, it is an optional program as indicated in #4, and you can opt into the program any time, or opt out, if it is not for you. Very simple!


October 27 @ 6:45PM = "Emotions and Essential Oils" - BL Black Chiropractic, 1350 Chuck Dawley Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC - CLASS

November 11 @ 7:00PM = "Alive" Post Convention Tour Event - 2125 US Hwy. 17N, Mt. Pleasant, SC - EVENT [contact me for free tickets]

November 18 @ 6:30PM - 8:30PM = "Health & Wellness Fair" - The Arboretum Clubhouse, 2244 Ashley Crossing Drive, #90, Charleston, SC [West Ashley] - EVENT**

December 16 @ 6:30PM = "Oils of the Bible" - The Arboretum Clubhouse, 2244 Ashley Crossing Drive, #90, Charleston, SC [West Ashley] -CLASS

**NOTE: This is a very special event! There will be other vendors participating. Product and Service Samples Available and Light Refreshments.

More to Come Soon [changes are made frequently as classes are scheduled]

Contact Information

Catherine Calogrides

Wellness Advocate - Essential Oil Educator - IPC