My Day In Life (2003)

All About ME!

Let There Be Life!

This is about me and what makes me special.

On August, 2003, I was shown to life. But even though this was a very special day, my mom was worried. Worried that I wouldn't be able to come home with her.

Blood Sugar

My mom had diabetes, so when I was born my blood sugar was very low. The doctors had to hook me up to an IV glucose drip.

I was the biggest baby in the NICU! (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

The doctors lowered the blood sugar a little after a certain time period, and my blood sugar was STILL low. But, I was fine.


My blood sugar was eventually normal, and I got to go home with my mom

What about the three biggest World Events that Year?

The Old Man of the Mountain collapsed in NH.

There was a fire in San Bernardino, California. It costed about $7,000 to repair houses. About 20 people lost their lives.

There was a SARS outbreak. What is SARS? It is a very bad flu outbreak that started in China and came to America with people on planes. Many people wore surgical masks everywhere to prevent getting sick.

Family Interview

Here are some questions I asked my mom about the year I was born :

What were the latest trends ? Mom : Uggs, cargo pants and low rise jeans.

What were the games? Mom : Hotshots Golf, Final Fantasy and Ever Quest.

What were popular shows? Mom : Ellen Degenerous, Sponge Bob and Harry Potter.

What was popular music?

Mom : Linkin Park, EminEm, Puddle of Mudd and Hoobastank.

What were events that happened?

Mom : The Old Man of the Mountain collapsed, there was a fire in San Bernardino, California and there was a SARS outbreak.

More About Me!

My favorite animal is a cat,; my favorite color is green.

I was born in NH; my favorite movie is Grease.

My favorite song is All The Small Things; my favorite toy is Gelarti and my favorite app is Ballet Salon.