Palacios Library E-Newsletter

#6 E-Newsletter 2018-2019

El día de los niños

April 30 is designated as "Day of the Child."


Pharr Police Department & Texas Department of Public Safety

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Pharr Police Officer X. Sanchez & Texas Department of Public Safety Traffic Safety Specialist Rodney Elizondo visit with third grade library class.


Top AR Word Count Readers

Markell Rodriguez- PSJA AR Laureate Program Doctorate Degree

Denisse De Santiago-PSJA AR Laureate Program Master's Degree

Jacqueline Garcia-PSJA AR Laureate Program Master's Degree

Isac Perez-PSJA AR Laureate Program Master's Degree

Marvell Rodriguez-PSJA AR Laureate Program Master's Degree

Rebecca Valdez-PSJA AR Laureate Program Master's Degree


6th Six Weeks Top Homeroom Circulations

Top Homeroom Circulations

1. Marquez, Juan 2nd 402

2. Hinojosa, Cynthia 3rd 231

3. Rodriguez, Cristina 3rd 181

4. Rodriguez, Sandra 3rd 140

5. Enriquez, Lisa 1st 136

6. Covarrubia, Gloria 1st 124

7. Rodriguez, Jeanette 2nd 122

8. Ortiz, Ana 2nd 112

9. Villarreal, Sylvia 4th 100

10. Martinez, Bianca 1st 99


Palacios Library Circulation Statistics 2018-2019

20,702 Books checked out

Palacios A. R. Quizzes Taken & Passes 2018-2019

27,310 Taken; 23,350 Passed


2018-2019 Top Word Count Classrooms


Top Word Count Classrooms

1. C. Hinojosa (3rd) 9,740,324

2. C. Rodriguez (3rd) 8,994,695

3. A. Cortez (5th) 8,775,793

4. S. Rodriguez (3rd) 5,293,400

5. S. Villarreal (4th) 4,179,671

6. A. Ramirez (4th) 4,099,338

7. L. Mendoza (4th) 3,434,124

8. S. Castro (5th) 2,315,190

9. G. Covarrubia (1st) 2,181,803

10. A. Ortiz (2nd) 1,285,498

11. J. Marquez (2nd) 1,228,174

12. M. Chavez (2nd) 1,222,628

13. J. Valdez (5th) 1,142,900

14. J. Rodriguez (2nd) 1,131,701

15. L. Enriquez (1st) 503,972

16. B. Martinez (1st) 498,112

17. D. Garcia (1st) 116,855

Total Words Read 56,144,178



Lowe's Toolbox Education Grant

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Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant

Lowe’s has awarded Berta S. Palacios Elementary a grant for the Berta S. Palacios Student Garden. The grant application was based on the goal of improving the learning community and the natural environment at Berta S. Palacios Elementary. We look forward to sharing the Palacios Student Garden with Palacios Elementary School and the Pharr community.

Pictured above left to right: 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. M. Chavez, Mrs. M. Cardoza, Principal,

Mrs. L. Hinojosa, Librarian, Mrs. A. Ortiz, 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. J. Rodriguez, 2nd Grade Teacher and Mr. J. Marquez, 2nd Grade Teacher