Chinese Schools of Thought


Teaches the Code of Conduct , how to respect your elders , ancestors , and social superiors .There are 5 relationships: Father to Son , Elder brother to Younger brother , Husband to Wife , Ruler to Subject , and Friend to Friend . Human Nature to them was good not bad .


The nature to them was The Nature of man is evil , his goodness is acquired . They had harsh ideas to achieve orders , Greed is the motive and causes of conflict , Strict laws and harsh punishment , They force people to work on gov't projects and would punish them if they did not complete their dutie . The dynasty to practice these types of things was QIN . The philospher for this was HANFEIZI .


Tao means : The Way . Back then they believed that the best ruler governed the least . Also for individuals to attain happiness , had to practice a humble quiet life , they had to live a simple life , and live in harmony with nature . The philospher at this time was Laozi .

Buddhism in China

Buddhism in China was a little like India's , but with a few differences . China wasn't as heavy on it like India was . In their Four Noble Truths it stated that All Human Life involves Suffering and Sorrow . It also stated that Renouncing desires frees people from suffering and helps their souls attain NIRVANA .
Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism in China