Survival Guide For

The Cold Pole Verkhoyansk, Russia


Verkhoyansk, Russia the climate is cold. The area is polar. The tempeture rang is minus 50.4 to minus 90 Ferenhite.
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4 Steps to survive

1. First you need to build a shelter to keep you warm.

2. Second you need to find food.

3. Third you need to heat food with fire to make your food warm to keep your body warm.

4. get lots of sleep so you will have lots of energy for the next day to face the harsh weather.

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Animals in area

Three animals in my area are Ponies, Wolf, & Reindeer. The Ponies are helpful because you can ride it to get to places faster. I can kill it & eat its meat. The ponies are not likely to be harmful.
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Plants in area

Three plants in this area are pine trees, dandelions, & a red lily. The pine tree is probably the the most useful thing in this area. This tree is useful because you can sit under it to keep you a little warm. This plant might be harmful if it falls over on top of you and kills you. This plant is NOT poisonous.
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