WANTED.. Sulfur (S)

Shaqualia Christian

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Date Of Birth: 2000 BC

Parents: Antoine Lavoisier

Physical Description

  • Symbol: S

  • Atomic Number 16
  • Atomic Mass: 32
  • Melting Point: 239.4 F

  • Nonmetal

  • Pale Yellow Color

  • Usually in a solid phase
  • Group: 16
  • Period: 2

Related gang or family member

  • oxygen

  • selenium

  • tellurium,

  • polonium

  • livermorium.

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Last Seen

  • In fertilizer, sulfur is an element that make fertilizer healthy for plants
  • In fireworks, since they are made of gun powder
  • In some medicated shampoos, it helps with dandruff
  • In medicine, sometimes used to cure bronchitis
  • Around volcanoes, if your ever close enough you will smell it


Name after a "burning stone" or a " stone that burns"

Burning stone is the nickname given to sulfur

Popular compounds

Sulfur trioxide: SO3

Sulfur dioxide: SO2

Sulfur Fluride: S2F10


$300 per ton