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Friday, September 28, 2018

In School Birthday Treats - please respect the school's policy

Healthy Schools: In keeping with the Bermuda Government's Healthy Schools Policy and supported by the Alberta Education, MSA is continuing to ensure that we are maintaining the standards of being a healthy school community. We encourage all families to pack healthy snacks and lunches. Teachers are asked to give non-food-based items for classroom rewards. For children's birthdays, we are requesting that if parents wish to send in treats they be healthy treats that the children may enjoy at recess. We will no longer permit high sugary treats for birthday celebrations, for example cupcakes, brownies, etc. Suggested food treats include fruit, veggies, popcorn, etc. Non-food treat suggestions include assorted school supplies. This has become a common practice in many schools and parents have developed some great ideas - we encourage you to reference Pinterest for ideas!

We send this reminder out to parents as we are still noticing parents are sending in cupcakes, etc. We do not want to disappoint the children by not allowing their treats to be shared.