G & T Saturday Quads

"Elite Scholastic Tournament Training" (1000 - 2199 USCF)

G & T Quads Update - GAME OF THE WEEK

Dear G & T Chess Families,

Last week was another strong showing at the G & T Quads (results)

This week we will be offering a new exciting addition, GAME OF THE WEEK!

GM Mark Paragua will choose one game from the week. This game will be analyzed and posted for everyone to enjoy! If your game is chosen, the winning player from the GAME OF THE WEEK will receive an additional $50 Cash

Games will be chosen from the analysis room on site w/ GM Paragua. The selection will be made after the tournament and announced on ChessNYC.Com. Players will receive their prize the following week at Quads.

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Season Ending Prizes:

Win = 6 Points

Draw = 3 Points

Anything over 75 points = $5 per point!

Current Standings


Russ, Michael & The Chess NYC Team

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G & T Quad Details:

How it works:

Players will be paired in quads of 4, starting with 4 highest registered players based on their last month published rating and continuing down to 1000 USCF. Once your quads rounds games are complete, the next round will begin. You may leave on the completion of your quad. Walk-ins are permitted but they must register before 9.45 am. 1st round will start at 10 AM Sharp.


  • PS 111, 440 West 53rd St, NYC

Fall Dates:

Huge Season Ending Prize Fund!

  • $25 Prize for Each Quad Winner
  • $50 Prize for Anyone going 3 - 0 (Perfect Game)

Players receive:

  • 6 points per win
  • 3 points per draw

Season Ending Point Conversion:

Max Points = 11 Weeks * 18 points (Perfect Score) = 198

  • Max Payout = $25 (Winning Quad) * 11 = $275
  • Anything over 75 Points = $5 per point = $615
  • $615 + $275 = $890

Things to note:

  • No byes permitted
  • Lunch will not be served
  • Pairings will be based on current month's published ratings
  • If a player is late for the start of a round (indicated by the TD) their clock will be started
  • 3 Rounds Quads, G70, D5
  • 1st Round @ 10 AM Sharp
  • 2nd and 3rd Rounds will begin at the completion of your quads previous round
  • You may leave upon the completion of your quad
  • Special analysis will be available on site

Please Bring your Own Clocks

G & T Saturday Quads

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 9:30am

440 West 53rd Street

New York, NY

Chess NYC G & T Saturday Quads

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