What Is Pre-Sports

By:Zaila Hernandez 3rd Period

How does Pre-Sports help you in your life?

Pre-Sports is to help you with your health and can also make you more flexible. If your a person that always stays at home and watches lots of T.V. Pre-Sports is for you. That's why you need Pre-Sports and you can also learn new things about your health. If you in Pre-Sports this year you can try to be in volleyball next year.

Thing we do every day

dress out-you have to dress every day, but when the teacher tells you no you don't

locker-when you get a locker always lock it and put your stuff inside and you can take your cloths home on Friday and bring it on Monday

health day-is every Friday sometimes all we do is stuff of Pre-Sports

What we do in Pre-Sports

How you have to behave and dress out

When your In Pre-Sports your conduct is sopost to be good and when you dress out

you have to always be quick and have your hair up and take off your julary