Mount St. Helens

Come see the beautiful Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens


It's dangerous but important .

People have wondered about Mount St. Helens. Well, Mount St. Helens is interesting. Mount St. Helens area,it's located skamania country in Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It looks like a coned then open bowl at the top with snow and smoke with a rough surface,(it's also a volcano). Why was the landmark tucked some may ask? Well two plates come together and formed into a huge mountain. The difficults was that other mountains in between. When the event occurred in was in the Washington, nation forest.

Speaking of events Mount St. Helens arupeted. What people thought of it that is was dangerous to visit but still very pretty to look at. It also affected the U.S history by arupting, the last time on July10,2008. In last 500 years how many times it arupeted was 4 explosive eruptions and many minor aruptions. The Mount St. Helens is pretty young. Well, most of Mount St. Helens is younger the 3,000 years old (younger than the pyramids of Egypt).

It's cool to see it arupet and it's also important. Mount St. Helens is important. It was created on May 18,1980, wanna know why it's inspiring? Well, it's a change in the chemical make up of gases cause some of the first above ground signs of an increase in volcanic activity. People honor it by showing some rocks of Mount St. Helens in some museums. It is 96 miles south of Seattle, it represents gas releasing from a volcano relates directly to the type,amount, and depth of magma beneath the surface.

Mount St. Helens is important, what do the people think it is, what people think of Mount St. Helens is. The archited was no-one because people do not build mountains. When it was made people thought it was beautiful and a good place to go and see how pretty it is. The view of the history is worthy for are nation. The elevation is 8,366'(255om). Mount St. Helens was named by commander George Vancouver and the officers.

It's pretty but dangerous, Mount St. Helens is a dangerous but it's a beautiful place to look at. It's a volcano,the volcano has arupeted a complex time before, it's in a pretty forest, it also has a great ocean view. Why do most people think it's a volcano that looks like a mountains?

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