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July 2016-Ashford University Newsletter

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Military Development and Engagement

The Military Community Newsletter at Ashford University was designed as a way for you to learn and share community events, resources, and key topics relevant to service members, veterans, and their families nationwide. Please contact Ashford's Military Development and Engagement Specialist if you have questions or additional resources you would like to share with your fellow military community.


  • Career Services Events for Students and Alumni
  • The 7 Things Interviewers Notice First
  • Manage Stress with Free Mobile App

  • Blue Star Museums: Nationwide

  • Ashford Forward Thinking Blog

  • Military Student Spotlight

  • Carry The Challenge First Responder Program

  • Financial Education for Military Caregivers

  • CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program

  • Previous Editions
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Upcoming 2016 Events: Webinars, Workshops, Teleconfrences, and Career Hiring Events

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The 7 Things Interviewers Notice First

You made it through the application process, and now you are preparing for your interview. How can you stand out among your peers? Remember that a job interview doesn’t start with the first question. Hiring managers begin to assess candidates from the moment they arrive. Want to make a good impression? Find out what interviewers are looking for and be ahead of the curve.

Here are the seven things they notice first about you.

Manage Stress with this FREE Mobile App

Free for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their Families.

Stress Is Gone LLC offers the #1 mobile health plan in America. Free for all the brave men and women who have served our country. Our solution is designed to decrease the intensity and frequency of PTSD reactions. Stay one step ahead of stress by following these simple steps.

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  3. Let Go

Certified by The American Institute of Stress

Learn more:


Designed exclusively for you and your family, our Blue Star Museums program offers FREE ADMISSION to more than 2000 museums across the country. From up close viewings of world-renowned works of art to hands-on experiences designed to spark inquiry and creativity, Blue Star Museums guarantees great opportunities for military families to reconnect and create special summer memories.

The program is a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense and thousands of museums across the country. Leadership support is provided by the MetLife Foundation through Blue Star Families.

Find a museum near you

Ashford Forward Thinking Blog

Every day great ideas, advice, and information are discussed around the institution. This knowledge is shared with students, alumni, friends, and faculty, but on a small scale. This blog was created to engage a larger audience, a group of lifelong learners who read, think, and provide valuable feedback. Forward Thinking is meant to be more than a blog; it’s another way of learning – for us and for you.

Military Related Blog Posts:

Military Student Spotlight: Jennifer Morgan

I am Jennifer Morgan, the newest President of the Student Veterans Organization and also serve as a CHAMPS Peer Mentor at Ashford University. Through these positions it is my desire to not only help empower our fellow veteran students of Ashford but also to help keep my promise to encourage others.

I am also a proud member of the Air Force for 20 years. I am stationed in San Antonio and share my life with my beautiful children and a wonderful husband. My husband is also enlisted, and he is the love of my life and my hero. My hero because despite suffering from multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD he still loves fighting for our freedom. Unfortunately, this is a common battle that many are coping with, and it does not just affect the individual. I share this because everyone has different struggles, and Ashford has provided avenues that we can use to share experiences and learn from each other's life lessons.

In 2014, I took charge of a failing flight that wanted to give up. With my leadership, the team was developed into one of the strongest groups I have seen. We ended up winning nine team and individual awards. I then moved from an aircraft maintenance unit to a headquarters staff position as a Subject Matter Expert and as a Functional Area Manager. During this period, I developed two processes that were implemented for my specialty Air Force wide. Responsible for equipment and systems valued over $246 million dollars and currently responsible for the overall deployment management and readiness of over 6,000 personnel. Over this time, I won 5 quarterly awards and three annual awards.

I am not telling you about my recent achievements to boast. I mention them because I found my first mentor four years ago. I went most of my career without any support or direction. Finally, someone believed in me; someone finally pushed me to see my strengths and gave me a chance to prove myself. In this short period, I conquered more than I could ever have imagined. Since then I have made it my personal purpose to help others visualize and achieve their goals. I have been the president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary of squadron and base level organizations. I led over 16 programs, several of which dedicated to professional development the rest for boosting morale. I use my lessons learned and strengths as a motivational leader to earn the trust of others and build them up to recognize and reach their maximum potential. I am proof and here to say that it is never too late to be the best you can be.

Carry The Challenge First Responder Program

Carry the Challenge is a national network of veterans and volunteers who wish to help today's young veterans receive the transition support they need and so rightly deserve. Joining is simple - you register - Vets 360 shares details - you decide if you are in - they educate/certify you - then you hurry up and wait (sound familiar) to engage young veterans in your own community "when" they tell us that they want some help. When we are all ready we will manage a national outreach plan.

Learn more & register at:


The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), USAA, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the PsychArmor Institute are pleased to announce a new program to provide military caregivers access to USAA financial advisors who can assist in making important financial decisions.

USAA's advisors have the skills and experience to assist military caregivers with budgeting, wealth accumulation strategies, credit management, health and life insurance needs, retirement planning, basic estate planning and the financial transition following military service.

Military caregivers can call MOAA at 888-503-1168 from 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET on normal business days.

For program details, please click here. For flyer please click here.
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CHAMPS Peer Mentoring for Online Students

Ashford understands the challenges of being a military affiliated student while pursuing higher education. We have developed a syllabus dedicated to addressing those unique needs. It is our goal to pair up Military Mentees with Military Mentors so there is common ground and cultural understanding where the pair speaks the same language.

Deployments, frequent moves, and field exercises can all be distracting when you are attending classes. Connect with a Mentor who can help navigate those overwhelming waters, provide resources, tips, and personal experience to help you be as successful as possible while also building a relationship with another peer.

Top Reasons Mentees Join CHAMPS:

  • To get to know another student on a personal level
  • For support and guidance on managing time and other commitments
  • For advice and encouragement as you begin your academic journey
  • Tips to navigate Ashford Writing Center, Library and student Portal.

Sign up to get a Mentor

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