Middle Class Grows stronger

By: Brian Cortez-Flores & Erika Torres

Growth of the middle class

(1850-1906 The middle class was lead by Karl Marx. In the nineteenth century industrial revolution created a substantial Western European and American middle class, which grew again after the Second World War – a spurt which this time included Japan.
Today this is happening in the emerging markets (EMs).

Then and Now (Political, Economically, and socially)

Wealthy Elite

(1850-1906) The upper class lived in castle like homes in the country side. They had maids and servants in there house, they would do all the housework and cooking around the house. So the wealthy were allowed to live life to the fullest. The wealthy woman would wear elegant dresses while there men would wear fine suits. They most likely worked as an estate owner, factory owners, or rich nobles. They where most likely passed down from generation to generation then now as they work for it.