Sammy Davis Jr.

The life of Sammy.

Sammy Davis Jr's Career Starts.

Sammy was born on December 8, 1925 in New York City.

He moved to his father at the age 2, and then soon after at the

age of three, he went onto stage; Following in the steps of his

father. Sammy was first introduced to music when he was at

his home. He loved hearing the piano being played. As

Sammy got older, he was apart of a group called the Rat

Pack with Frank Sinatara and Dean Martin, but soon after,

he went off on his own. He still went on tours with people, for

example, he went on on one with Mikey Rooney. He went off

to world war 2 but when he returned, he started music again.

Sammy was a man of many talents. He was a actor, singer,

comedian, and tap dancer! Sammy was a huge star on

Broadway! He was in the musical "Mr. Wonderful" and many

more! A tragic thing happened in 1954, Sammy Davis Jr

almost died in a car crash, and he completely ruined his left


Sammy's Protests.

Sammy's protest for civil rights.

Sammy Davis Jr. was a champion of civil rights. He marched

along with the others in the big marches in Washington DC.

He was even there with Martin Luther Kind Jr.! He never

stooped fighting for his writes. He always moved forward,

never back. Sammy Davis Jr, a lifetime smoker, died of

cancer at the age of 64. Sammy was a very important

because he was very inspirational. He inspired people to

stand up in what they believe in and also, he showed many

people, you can be more than one thing, follow your dreams.

Sammy Davis Jr. Proved you can do anything you set your

mind to.