February Newsletter

Primer Pals

Curriculum Objectives

Math: Measurement and Fractions

Reading and Writing: Wrapping up Poetry (week of February 10) and then moving towards Persuasive reading and writing

Phonics: Long vowel A patterns (ay, a-e and ai)

Science: Food truck and restaurant inquiry

Social Studies: Project Groundhog

Olympic Ceremony

Please join us on Monday, Feb. 10 at 8:15 in the main church for the Lower School Opening Olympic Ceremonies. All are welcome.

Mid Year Survey

I have only had a handful of responses for our survey. Please take a moment to fill out the mid-year survey. The deadline is Thursday, February 13.



This week for homework students will be writing and recording a poem using the app ChatterPix. The app is free but allows you to take a picture and draw a face on the item and then record your voice.
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Play Lines

It is so important that students work on memorizing their play lines. You want to make sure your child memorizes their lines first and then learns when to say them. You can use the article found below to see some helpful tips when memorizing lines. Remember while you might learn best with flash cards, you child might learn better by repeating it out loud. Have patience and have fun!

Article: http://homeworktips.about.com/od/speechclass/a/memorizing.htm