Roaring through the 1920's

Taylor Swaim

The Big Parade

The Big Parade was relased in 1925! Everyone needs to go watch the outstanding performances by John Gilbert, Reneé Adorée, Hobart Bosworth and so much more!

The Top 10 Things They did In the 1920's

10.) The 1st Miss American Pagent

date- September 9, 1920

Place- Atlantic City

Countries & Cities- United States And all the states

People- Marget Gorman

9.) JCPenney opens their 500th Store

Date- 1924

People- James Cash Penney

Place- Hamiltion Missouri

Countries & Cities- Halmiltion, U.S.A.

8.)1st Olympic Winter Games

Date- January 25- Feburary 4, 1924

People- FRench Olympic Committee

Place- Chamonix, France

Countries & Cities- Chamonix, France and London

7.)Babe Ruth Breaks Home Run Record

Date- September 30, 1927

Place New York

People- Babe Ruth

Countries & Cities-U.S.A. and New York

6.)American Professional Football Started

Date- August 20, 1920

Place- Where ever the game was

People- A.P.F Conference

Countries & Cities- U.S.A. and what every city the game was in

5.)Mickey And Minnie were Created

Date- November 18, 1928

Place- New York

People- Walt Disney

Countries & Cities- U.S.A. and New York

4.) Charleston Dance Becomes Popular

Date- Mid 1926 to 1927

Place- Charleston, South Carolina

People- James P. Johnson

Countries & Cities- Charleston and U.S.A.

3.) Jazz Becomes Popular

Date- 1917

Place- New Orleans

People- Fate Marable

Countries & Cities-U.S.A.

2.) Flappers

Date- 1912

Place- London

People- John Tilley

Countries & Cities- Everwhere in U.S.A. And France

1.) Teapot Dome

Date- April 7, 1922

Place- Wyoming

People- John Kendrick

Countries & Cities- U.S.A.and Wyoming

The Presidents of the 1920's

West End Blues

The new song West End Blues by Louis Armstrong. The best song of 1928!

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover first started his life in West Branch, Iowa. He served his presidency in 1929 to 1933. He is a Quaker and a republican. He had no major issues or scandals during his time as a president.

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