Hatred and Bigotry


Hatred and Bigotry is a major theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

All the deaths ,stress, and personal and family problems and also the times of wanting to give up on yourself are all account for hatred and bigotry. As a society we can all learn to love each other not by color or religion, but rather what is on the inside. Anne Frank and her family demonstrates this type of character of fighting the "good" fight. Anne's dad shows goodness by being the leader when they were in hiding and showing and telling everyone right from wrong. Anne's mom shows goodness by being unselfish and making sure everyone is good before herself and helps them before herself. Anne's sister shows goodness by being humbled , respectful , classy , and showing self control and does not make herself look bad .

Peter Van Daan shows goodness by being humbled and showed self control when Anne was getting under his skin , and not following his dads bad footsteps and showing more maturity then his farther . It is better to be good than evil , if you are mean and only care about yourself people will do that same to you in return. Anne Frank believed everyone was good at heart and that in the end good would prevail over evil. I agree with Anne Frank as I believe people in their core do have good in them, sometimes you must peel the layers back, but I have to believe that good does exist in everyone.

Bert Bochove rescued people from the hatred and bigotry of the Nazis.

Bert Bochove was a Holocaust hero that sacrificed and housed dozens of Jews. He rescued people from the hatred and bigotry of the Nazis. We remember him because he was a life changer during this time by saving people from the Nazis and risked his life and his families life by doing so. He was the leader in the movement as many others in the town started helping as well. He loved everyone and was not prejudice, he believed all people were equal. He fit my theme because he took a stand to save people from the Nazis and he tried to stop the killing of innocent people and families.

Hatred and bigotry is a theme that is relevant to my life.

This is relevant to my life, because I am thankful that this is not still going on today all because of people like Bert Bochove . He was a leader and he took the extra effort and sacrifice to save the people from the Nazis and in sports I take the extra effort to help my team win. I try my hardest to take care of my teammates and I am willing to sacrifice for them. I have sacrificed extra time to work with other kids and to give back and I expect nothing in return.

In the media today I feel the current situation in Baltimore is similar. There is a lot of racial profiling and police profiling and both are wrong, and innocent people are getting hurt and even killed. I think Bert and Anne could teach todays generation something about caring for others and willing to lend a hand. It will take someone like Bert Bochove to inspire and show courage for all of this to stop.