Early Learning News

February 1st-5th

Cardinal Code Celebration!

What a perfect way to start a new semester! This week, the K-12 students will be celebrating a re-launching of the Cardinal Code in the district, while the preschools are launching and celebrating the PBIS initiative for the first year. Preschool has already started teaching the Cardinal Code lessons with intention and focus using a common schedule. I am already hearing a common language of positive behavior shared among

the students and staff at GSRP and Cardinal's Nest! This will be a great foundation for our students to have in place when they enter kindergarten. We will kick things up a notch this week with celebrating the Cardinal Code at GSRP and Cardinal's Nest. Here's what we have planned:

Cardinal Code Spirit Week

  • Monday, February 1st- Wear Cardinal Colors. Maroon and Gold, Fight, Fight!
  • Tuesday, February 2nd- Hat's off to the Cardinal Code- Hat Day
  • Wednesday, February 3rd- Be Supportive Day! Wear your favorite jersey or t-shirt that supports your favorite team.
  • Thursday, February 4th- Cozy up for Cardinal Code- PJ Day!
  • Monday, February 8th- Meet the Davison Cardinal Assembly- Cardinal's Nest and GSRP

Cardinal Code Tickets - Students will start earning the golden tickets for specific positive behaviors. The teachers will collect them in their classroom throughout the week and they will be turned in to the office Cardinal Code birdcage for a weekly drawing. Special prizes will be earned from the Cardinal Code birdhouse box.

Cardinal Code Pledge- Preschool classrooms will start reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and Cardinal Code pledge daily. Susan is getting larger size Cardinal Code Pledge posters made for the classrooms. The sign up sheet is in the lounge for GSRP staff to sign up to come with a child to the office and say the pledge over the PA for both a.m. and p.m.

Cardinal Tree Hallway Display- Our Cardinal Code tree is up and ready to be filled with our little cardinal's who are taking the pledge this week to follow the code.

The Davison Cardinal Mascot visits!- The Davison Cardinal Mascot will be at GSRP Monday, February 8th for the Meet the Cardinal Assembly. What a great time to re-teach the Cardinal Code assembly lesson. The Cardinal's Nest kids will join us in the multipurpose room for the assembly. Students who are afraid of the cardinal can stay back in the classrooms with monitors.

All teachers should have received cardinal stamps this week to use on the student's Cardinal Code charts. They are very cute! We will be supplying everyone with fresh ink pads as well.

Board of Education Balanced Calendar Presentation

Davison's Balanced Calendar Steering Committee met this week and has prepared a special presentation for the Board of Education meeting to share the themes and some specifics about intersessions at the preschool, elementary, intermediate, middle school, and high school level. Please come and listen to the presentation from the steering committee if you would like to hear about the plans for the district's intersession offerings. There are some very exciting plans for intersessions at all levels!

Is February 1st really here?

Yes it is! The registration process for GSRP will start this week. Families may go online and fill out the pre-application for registration at www.geneseepreschool.org

I am making my rounds to all elementary building's staff meetings to share details on the application process, eligibility, and priority placement guidelines. Please continue to put the pre-application website and information in your weekly newsletters. We want everyone to apply as soon as possible so we can get intake appointments scheduled. Thank you for your help with this!

The Week Ahead....

Monday, February 1st- Cardinal Code kick off with wearing Davison colors, Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. H.S. AMR

Tuesday, February 2nd- Hat Day, Susan @ Cardinal's Nest a.m., Intersession Brochure mtg @ 2:00 DCER

Wednesday, February 3rd- Support your favorite team day, Thomson Staff Mtg @ 7:20 (Susan), GISD GSRP county mtg (Susan) 8:30-12:00, Cardinal's Nest mtg w Mrs. Strader @ 1:00

Thursday, February 4th- PJ Day! Gates staff mtg @ 7:20 (Susan), Bentley visits to observe in room 3 in p.m.

Friday, February 5th- Early Childhood Administrator training @ GISD (Susan), April, Heather, and Trina meet.

Kudos to all of you!

Our parent advisory meeting last Wednesday evening was a success. Thanks to all of you for playing an important role in the meeting. I heard very positive comments and we received good feedback on our surveys. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 2nd from 6-7:30 for our next parent advisory meeting where the topic will be Transition to Kindergarten.

4 and 5 year old programming options...

Just a reminder that I shared the chart in Google Docs that gives options for children for 4 and 5 year old programming in Davison. It has the child's age by cut-off dates and whether Early 5, kindergarten, GSRP, Cardinal's Nest, repeating GSRP, etc. is an option. Please review it and use it as a resource when parents call to ask about their options.