why people should check lockers

By Steven Pineda

did you know...

40% of students die of firearms

weapons and kids

  • students can lose lives because another student brought a gun.
  • abusing the privacy of of a locker is just wrong.
  • If you abuse the locker privacy why have a locker at all
  • Bringing guns are illegal and kids do it anyway.
  • to lower the number of deaths can be lowered if we check the lockers.

side effects

  • Parents have to go through a lot like the loss of their child.
  • many people are affected like parents, friends, staff, teachers, and relatives.
  • The killer has to spend the rest of their learning at jail.
  • funereal bills are payed, they have to dig the corpse, and everyone get very depressed


  • Many kids have drugs stashed some where in their locker.
  • The students who bring the drugs can end up as drug dealers.
  • Cigars are common drugs at school.
  • Another drug that was common back then was crack.
  • Drugs like Meth, cocaine, etc are smuggled in schools grounds.
  • It is illegal to bring the drugs even tough the kids think they're against the law.

Student deaths

The charts show the amount of students die of hidden items in locker.
For Random Locker Searches

The video shows that what can happen if we don't check lockers

a student may bring a gun and then can kill students.

My case is

If we don't check lockers, then we all can be in huge danger.

I think that we should check lockers so we can save live like it said in the video.