Erwin School Library Weekly Update

Nancy Cravey, School Librarian

24 August 2015


Please make note of upcoming due dates and sign ups.

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Dates of Interest and Importance

August 25 -- website work session after school in computer lab

August 26 -- Destiny training after school in library

August 26 -- screening of Spike Lee's 4 Little Girls

August 28 -- all summer reading logs are due to Ms. Cravey

August 29 -- One City/ One Book Kickoff events

August 31 -- Summer Checkout Overdue Notices go home in Monday Folders

Sepetmber 1 -- Alzheimer's Service Learning Project Assemblies

September 8 -- open circulation begins, times TBD

September 11 -- National Folk Festival Guest Artist

September 11-13 -- National Folk Festival

September 17 -- PTA Meeting/ 4th and 5th Grade performances

September 19 -- Walk to End Alzheimer's

September 24 -- Overdue notices go home with Interim Reports

Upcoming Programs

Walk to End Alzheimer's

We will kick of the school year with a service learning project to benefit Alzheimer's research. School staff, students and families will be invited to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's on September 19. Students will raise money for the Alzheimer's Association and will participate in an assembly to learn about the disease. A speaker from the Alzheimer's Association will speak to students on September 1.

Teachers should plan to discuss the project in class using resources from the Alzheimer's Association website.

All money brought in by students should be given to Nancy Cravey, Kristie Hines, Elizabeth Brown.

Returning Summer Reading Books and Student Overdue Notices

Please allow students to return summer reading books between 7:30 and 8:00. If a teacher prefers to collect books from the class to return at one time, please have them in the library by Thursday afternoon.

The first overdue notices of the year will be sent home next Monday to remind students to return books from summer checkout.

In the future, student overdue notices will be printed twice a quarter when Interim Reports and Report Cards are sent home. Notices will be placed in your boxes the afternoon before these dates. Please help make sure this communication is sent home to parents.

Additionally, classroom teachers will get a weekly email on Sunday evening listing the overdue books that students have. Please use this email as a reminder tool for students who have excessive overdues.

Teaching Students How to Whisper

His bell technique may not fit into our classrooms (or could be adapted using another signal), but I like his explanation about how he teaches students what whispering is. And he's kind of funny.
Teacher Tipster (Whisper Bell)
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Read and Ride Class Orientation

Please sign up to bring your class for a Read and Ride orientation session. Teachers must accompany their students. At the orientation, teachers and students will learn the expectations, rules, and procedures for the Read and Ride program. Once a class has gone through the orientation, passes will be distributed to the teacher and students may begin participating.

Times slots are 20 minutes on Tuesday or Wednesday. Additional slots can be added if needed to accomodate class schedules. Only teachers who plan to use the Read and Ride program with their students need to bring classes for an orientation time. Leadership Team discussion last year determined that the program is most likely best suited for 2nd-5th graders unless teachers determine otherwise.

Read and Ride Sign Up

More information about how this program is used at other schools can be found at If you have questions about the purpose of Read and Ride or how to use it with your students, see Nancy Cravey or Elizabeth Brown.

GCS Reads 20

Summer Reading logs are due to the library by Friday, August 28. Students who met the Summer Reading Goal will be eligible for district prizes.

Teachers do not need to calculate summer reading numbers. Simply turn in the reading logs to Ms. Cravey.

Stuents should be keeping a reading log of at-home reading this school year. If you would like assistance setting up an electronic class log or have questions about collecting reading minutes, let Ms. Cravey know.

Student Owned Devices

3rd- 5th grade students are allowed to bring electronic devices to school as long as they are used for reading only.

Before bringing a device, a policy and permission form must be filled out and signed by the parent. The teacher keeps this form on file in case of misuse, loss or damage to the device.

The Electronic Device Policy and Permission Form is on the school website. 3rd-5th grade teachers should plan to send this home at Open House or the first day of school.


This month's Star Readers and Class of the Month!

We will announce our first Star Readers and Class of the Month at the beginning of October!

Star Readers recognizes classes at each level with the highest pecentage of book circulations.

The Class of the Month recognizes the class with the highest reading minute average based on Reading Log data collected.

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Computer Lab

Please sign up for a weekly computer lab time. This is a class time and should be used for instructional purposes.

Computer Lab Schedule Sign Up

Teachers should go over the computer lab rues and procedures each time they take their class to the space.


1. Use gentle hands on your computer.

2. Only touch your computer, mouse, keyboard and headphones.

3. Clean and organize your computer space before leaving.

Exit Procedures:

* Save work and close all programs.

* Hang up headphones or place on top of monitor.

* Straighten the mouse and keyboard.

* Remove all paper, pencils, trash or other items.

* Push chair in.

Student work should be saved in Student Activities in the class folder. Work that is not saved in the correct location may be deleted.

Student Computer Logins

There is a generic student login for computers. Students can also login using their individual ID numbers and passwords. Students can only access their Discovery Education accounts when using their individual logins.

Generic login:

Username-- 361-student

Password-- 361stu

Individual login PreK-2nd:

Username-- ID# (lunch #), ex. 1234567

Password-- not needed

Individual login 3rd-5th:

Username-- ID# (lunch #), ex. 1234567

Password-- birthdate (MMDDYYYY), ex. 01012001

Setting up Parent Distribution Lists

Distribution lists make contacting parents easier throughout the school year when you need to send an email to the entire class. Directions for setting up these lists to allow parents to input their email addresses at Open House were requested. Please see the attachment for these instructions.

Often, teachers are asked to forward information about school-wide events, like Boys Love Books, to families. To make these parent contacts more efficient, please forward your parent distribution list to Ms. Cravey once it is finalized. Instructions for doing this are also in the attachment.

Social Media and Internet

If you are on Facebook, please like the school page!

If you are on Twitter, please follow Erwin!

If you are on Instagram, check out school pictures!

Please promote these communication tools with parents and encourage families to use our school website,

If you want to help administer any of these resources, let Ms. Cravey know!

Tech Tip: Remind

Remind is an easy program for parent communication. You can send texts or emails to parents who sign up.

From the Remind website:

Remind allows teachers to safely and efficiently interact with students & parents about important classroom information and school activities. Subscribers sign up as a student or parent and choose to receive messages by text, email, or in our app.

We know that privacy and security are important issues when dealing with teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent communication. We have worked hand in hand with administrators and teachers to design key product features based on those concerns.

School Network Changes

Accessing the Guest Wifi:

Each staff member is allowed to have one personal device connected to the network per Technology Services. A request must be made through Nancy Cravey or Sabrina Caldwell to have devices connected. When the request is made, please provode the WiFi/MAC address for the device. This WikiHow link will help you find this number on your device.

All devices that use the school network must have a Certificate Authority Trust installed. Instructions for installing this CAT are found on the Technology Services website under GCS Guest WiFi Access.

Some Inspiration for the Beginning of the Year

Read this article by a GCS senior about appreciating teachers.

Why Do you Read?

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