The Glendale river

The Adventures at Glendale shoals by: Eli Byrd

The Story

Glendale houses a small community, and the town houses one of the biggest rivers in South Carolina. The Glendale river contains over 50 different species of fish, 40 species of trees, and lots of other characteristics to do in or around the river. One of which is the Glendale Shoals, it may just look like rocks, trees, and water, but it is a thrill seekers paradise.


The Glendale shoals is a place where you can be relaxed, have a good time, or go crazy and jump out of a tree into a flowing river. You can also go kayaking, maybe as an experienced kayaker or maybe you just want to start off taking a class.

Some Amenities

Guaranteed to be Thrilling, Fun, and Enjoyable.


Throughout the woods of Glendale, there are trails that weave through the green wilderness. Whether you want to run, bike, or just take a nature walk through these trails, it will surely change the way that you look at nature. You may even find a few rope swings along the way.


The Glendale river has been fished by locals for over 30 years, but no one ever said you have to be a local to fish there. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or you just stopped by the sporting goods store, the river will sure treat you well.


The first purpose of the Glendale river was to power a mill that is right beside the river. It was used for hydro electricity for the textile mill to operate. Prior to the mill closing some one found another use to the river, as an attraction to make Glendale, SC a happening place with people coming from all around to spend time at the river.