Tszying Lau

Me, as an atypical Chinese girl

Some facts about me.

My major in the university was Engilsh translation for four years in China. I chose to come to Spain because my second-foreign-language is spanish and also with the reason that I was already fed up with learning English.

My life is constructed by journey and fine food.

I have never imagined that I can study in a Europe University and travel often around.

Everything comes up with a reason and depends on what choices you have made.

I enjoy travelling, love the people I meet during the trip, views I see and food I try during the journey.

I am always the special one in my former life.

After I guaduated from my primary school in Hongkong, I started my secondary school in mainland China. I can still remember how hard and how different it was the learning and teaching style. I could hardly speak Mandarin in the first several months and it made me become quiet and sad.

However, I think it is also the experience that makes me able to join a new environment very quick afterwards.

Now I am really proud of myself.

My life in 2013

What I want to accomplish in 2014

First of all, the most important thing this year is to graduate from this master.
And then go back to China in summer, to travel and meet friends for one to two months and then find a job to start my own carreer.

If I am not going to join my carreer in the field of education, it will probably be anything related to language.

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