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by: Shannon Lorusso

South Africa Apartheid Problems Song

(sung to the tune of Hotline Bling by Drake)

They had to fight for their, they use to, they use to, ya

They use to fight for their rights

Back when they weren’t free

Fight for their rights

Back when there was no equality

I know in 1948

Daniel Malan liked to segregate

Blacks got divided it to separate areas

despite their culture and beliefs

I know in 1948

Blacks and whites lived in a different space

they even tried to say their cause

with protests, marches, and fights

Finally, Nelson Mandela gave everyone hope

You know all the fighting got him stressed out

Cause he was sent to jail for 27 years

Blacks started to get rowdy and mad more

Then F. W. de Klerk helped black lives change

Blacks finally got equality, Nelson Mandela was free

They use to fight for their rights, then they got free

Nelson Mandela became president, and the apartheid ended

No more black vs white, just equality

Colonization Map

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Poverty and Disease

Poverty and Disease have to do with each other greatly. I've noticed the greater the poverty is, the greater the disease is. For example, Nigeria has 70% poverty rate and 3,228,600 people with HIV/AIDS. We can help fix this issue by Americans donating there time and money into helping Nigerians, Africans, and the whole world.
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Kenyans started being ruled by Europeans in 1884-1885. This was caused by the nerlin conference. Kenya was divided into different territories in an effort the British took to "better" Kenya. Kenyans were ruled by the King or Queen of England. In 1920 they lost their political independence and made organizations like Kenya African Union. Finally, in the 1950s, Kenya made their own political parties.

Nigerians started being ruled by Europeans in 1901 when they were slaves. Europeans divided Nigeria into northern and southern parts. After World War 2 they Nigerians got tired of being under British rule and they fought back by making organizations like Federation of Nigeria, to show nationalism. The Federation of Nigeria was granted full independence on 1 October 1960.

South Africans started being ruled in 1707 by Europeans that made them slaves. In 1806-1814 Brittan made South Africa under their rule. Independence from the United Kingdom was in 1931. Union of South Africa formed in 1910 and Republic of South Africa declared

Independence from the United Kingdom in 1931. Union of South Africa formed In 1991 under minority rule during Apartheid and gained full independence under majority rule in 1994.