The Tundra Life

by LeFevers class

The Tundra's Features

The Tundra is cold and treeless land of the Arctic. These lands are coverd in ice and snow for most of the year. The land beneath the Tundra is normally frozen for all year. little rainfull in the Tundra.

Affecting the Tundra

People affect the Tundra when, they use factories,drive cars, burn coil, and oil drill. All the polution and gas kills the tundra plants.

How Plants Adapt in This Biome

Only short plants can live in tundra because these plants need a little sun to grow and if tyhe plants were tall the long roots will stay frozen year around.Some plants make there own food to live as well these plants also grow very fast in the spring.
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What Makes the Tundra special ?

Are biome is special because the tundra's land is very pretty and has a lot of cool featrures like... the way the snow shines in the sun.Another thing that makes the tundra special is evan though it is verty cold there still have a lot of pretty flowers and plants.
Tundra Biome L