Make a "Georgi(eous)" Statement



Hi!! If you are reading this, it is because you are "something pretty special" are a stylist on my FIRST line!
I have a something pretty special JUST FOR YOU!!

Are you feeling like you are just recovering from the holiday season? Was it so crazy that you needed the time off but now it is getting hard to get back into the swing of things? Is this weather getting you down?
Well we can do one of TWO things.....keep moving forward with your business or not do anything about it.

We all have to start somewhere, so first things first, we need to get a trunk show schedule that we are happy with.
Let's stop thinking about it. Instead, let's make a real game plan to make it happen!!
We know trunk shows are not going to fall into our laps. We have to go out there and make it happen!!

1. Consistency will grow your business. Consistently reaching out to 10 new people a week and following up with them will help you book new shows!
2. Posting images on facebook will not get you trunk shows
3. Picking up the phone can be scary......but does your goal outweigh your fear?
4. Reinventing the wheel is time not well spent. Just follow what our training (SDUniversity) tells us and go do it!
5. Get out to meet people! Make it a weekly goal to get outside your community and beyond to meet people!
6. Jump on the last 2 days of the "10 Day Challenge" Facebook "S&D Stylist Success Tips" from Home Office- even if you don't post anything, there are some great suggestions on there!

"Georgie Statement Necklace for YOU"!!!!

This is NOT A WILL receive the beautiful Georgie Statement Necklace (value $238) when you SELL $5000 between February 1-March 31st

Sponsor a Stylist between February 15th - March 31st, start your stylist off strong with $1000 sales during her Jumpstart, you receive $100 Business Supply Credits.
p.s. we are ALL still in Jumpstart till March 9th, you will also get $100 cash bonus for launching her strong!

If you are thinking, "Well I already have business supply credits".....this a great incentive for your own new stylist or existing stylists on your team!! Everyone would LOVE more look books and supplies not have to pay for it!!

Need a Coaching to Start things off?

Here is my coaching schedule! Let's set a goal and make it happen!! One time call or a regular weekly/bi-monthly call!
There is a reason you started this business.
Is it hard at times? Hells ya. It's called work!
Building a business takes time and perseverance!!! Work through the hard times, and you will be rewarded!

Sign up here for your call!!

Reply to this email to let me know you are "IN" and up for the challenge!
  • Realistically, that is about 2-3 shows in February and 2-3 shows in March....
  • OR Start booking up your March schedule to meet this goal!!! That might mean 5 shows in the month of March
  • Front load your month with shows so you start March off strong!

I am on this crazy journey with you and will be continually booking myself!!

Looking forward to an AMAZING Spring with YOU!