Steezy's Asthma Camp For Kids

Located Off 69 @ The Big Yellow Sign !

Our Mission Statement ....

Steezy's Asthma Camp For Kids was organized to show children that you can be a kid with asthma , it isn't a disability. We want to show our campers the joy's of being a kid. We want our campers to experience a time like they've never had. Campers are based on the severity of their asthma , most are accepted.We are a day/night non-profit camp , and is intended for ages 7-16.

Dates & Meals.

June 10-15

July 6-11

August 5-10

We serve our camper breakfast ( 8-8:45), lunch( 12:45 - 1:30) , snacks (2:30-2:50), and dinner( 7-7:45 ).

Supplies Needed:

Your child will need toiletries, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, hair brushes/combs , shampoo, deoderant, soap, etc.

They'll also need a sleeping bag , or a blanket and pillows.

Also their own clothes, help them pick out cool clothes because we'll be doing various activites outdoors.

Camp Capacity And Activities

We hold around 100 to 150 campers, first come first serve. Asthma education activities mixed with swimming, roller skating/blading and games in a day camp setting. The campers receive excellent medical support in a 24-hour clinic staffed by on-site physicians and nurses. Counselors are primarily respiratory therapy students.