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The Three Blind Mice are forced to see the truth

What happened

Just yesterday evening the youngest brother of the three mice, Max, was found dealing illegal cheese in the underground sewer system market. Max was arrested on the spot for his Felony in selling the cheese and currently awaits his trial in the local jail because he or his brothers have not payed bail. His two older brothers Bill and Sam are currently not talking to reporters until the trial but there has been reports that this may be a family business.

The Story

Shortly after the arrest Max went to court before a Grand Jury and after some discussion the Grand Jury issued their Indictment formally charging Max of being in possession of illegal cheese. Next Max appeared for his arraignment where he tried for a plea bargain in order to lessen his sentence. When Max’s plea bargain was unsuccessful he requested trial by jury instead of the bench trial. The trial was held this morning continue reading for more details.

Just this morning the Prosecuting attorney and the Defending attorney made their opening statements. The Public Defender (the defending side) said that Max was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and had no knowledge that the cheese was illegal due to his lack of sight while the Prosecution insisted that Max knew exactly what kind of cheese he was holding because of his sense of smell and it would be harmful to the community to let him get away with this crime. Then the Prosecution called the oldest brother as witness. The eldest brother initially did not want to speak but was given a subpoena earlier so he had no choice. Once the eldest was under oath he hesitated when answering the Public Defender’s question of having to know of his younger brother’s actions but answered truthfully avoiding perjury. The discussion went back and forth on whether or not Max knew he was in possession of illegal cheese. Soon after the evidence was presented both sides gave their closing statements. Max looked extremely nervous as the petit jury went off to discuss what the verdict would be in secret. After what seemed like days to Max, the petit jury came back in and handed their decision back to the judge. The judge said that the jury found Max guilty of being in possession of illegal cheese. With Max now being a convicted mouse he released a short statement saying that he is trying for an appeal because he felt like his trial was unfair due to his lack of sight..