junk food in school?

by loon and seth


Schools are selling more and more junk food which may be the problem with early child obesity.

My point of view about junk food is that it has to much simple carbs which gives you big amounts of energy then you feel tired after the surge. Schools should be selling more of the complex carbs. If schools sold healthy foods all of their students would be energized and ready to learn.

In the response to rising obesity rates nationally 16 states have recently adopted school nutrition policies(2006). Poor eating habits develop at an early age and lead to a lifetime of real health consequences. That is why New Jersey is the first state to adopt a comprehensive school nutrition policy that bans candy, soda and other junk food items.



A recent study in Washington DC shows that 59.2 percent of 5th graders and 86.3 percent of 8th graders attended schools that sold junk food .''While there was huge increase in students who attended schools that sold junk food in grades 5-8'' .''There was no rise of the number of obese students'' .''In fact despite the increase of junk food 5th - 8th graders lost weight'' .According to Van Hook ,policies that aim to reduce childhood obesity and unhealthy weight gain need to concentrate more on home and family environment .

One side says junk does not affect childhood obesity .Based on a new study done on 5th - 8th graders ,according to Van Hook obesity should focus on home and family environment .The other side says junk food causes diebetys .Also they say that junk causes early childhood obesity .

I found that this is a very debated topic and the debate continues until this day .I found that the amount of people in the United states that are obese is 67 percent. This is huge and we need to reduce the percentage by eating healthy and right.

I have not changed my view but I have seen a lot of different views on this topic and i still feel strong about not having junk food in school (including are school vending machine)

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