Lily's Crossing

Patricia Reilly Giff

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Reviewers: Siobhan, Vicki, Lily, Olivia


The book Lily’s crossing starts during the summer of World War II. It has changed everything for Lily. Her father, Poppy, has gone off to be an engineer in the war. Also, Lily’s best friend, Margaret, has moved to Chicago, while her father works for the war. She has no one in Rockaway, except for her grumpy grandmother Gram, or so she thinks! A boy her age from Hungary, who has lost a lot of family in the war, has come to Rockaway. At first she is timid about him, but then they form a strong friendship that cannot be broken.


We LOVE this book! We all wish that the pages kept turning with all of our hearts. One of the page turning moments in Lily’s Crossing was with Paprika(kitten). It started with some teenagers dumping a kitten in the bay, Albert saw it, but he couldn’t swim so he shouted for Lily who was near by. Lily came running, dove in the icy, dark bay, grabbed the kitten and cambered out. The kitten was okay. Lily and Albert took care of the kitten and soon named it Paprika, after Albert’s cat in Hungary. Another one of our favorite characters was Lily, adventurous Lily. We love how she put us on the edge of our seat, when she snuck into cross bay theater. Also when she walked around the sharp rocks wincing. But our favorite was when she meet Albert. Lily is a very brave adventurous person. It’s usually hard for people to make new friends especially when it’s a stranger. The best part of this book is the ending but we can’t tell you about it. Read this terrific book to find out what happened!


We recommend the book Lily’s Crossing 100% for ages 10-12 (5th-6th grades maybe 4th graders). We also give this book a 5 star rating. We recommend Lily’s Crossing to 10-12 year olds because it is a more serious book. It also has just the right amount of complicated words. If you like historical fiction books, and books with a strong female lead, you will like this book as much as we did. Hopefuly when you finish Lily’s Crossing you will feel the same as us.

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