Morgan Smith

DNA in Biotechnology

DNA is used in bacteria to for medical treatment and commercial use.

Biotechnology In DNA Testing

Different tests are used to be able to check for determining the gender of an unborn baby, tests to check for genes that can mutate into cancerous cells in adulthood, etc.

Biotechnology In The Health Industry: penicillin and insulin

In 1929 Alexander Fleming, found that cultures of Staphylcoccus aureus were killed when a fungus, Penicillium notatum, was introduced to the bacteria.

"Insulin was one of the first proteins to be crystallized in pure form, in 1926. The crystalline form allowed researchers to study its structure with a technique called x-ray crystallography and approximate its three-dimensional shape. Knowing a molecule's shape helps understand how it works in the body...(Brar)"

Biotechnology And Agriculture

Many plants are gentically changed to make them last longe ron the shelf, griwn better in dry/ wet conditions, and to grow quicker.


Biotechnology is used to help break down, degrade, transform and remove contaminates from the soil and water.

The Downsides To Using Biotechnology

  • Many food made in the US that use any grains or corn have a 70% chanc of having the genetically modified plant instead of the actual naturally grown plant.


If you go into a genetic engineering job you will be looking at how plant and animal cells react to one another, comine, and reproduce.In this job you will fidn yourself working to find new strands of a pathogen or to figure how a newe pathogen.