Sigler Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Blanton's Weekly Insights - February 8th-12th

Guidance This Week

It's Friendship Week! This week we will focus our guidance lessons on the way we treat others, regardless of differences. Not only will we focus on demonstrating kindness and caring towards others, but we will also touch on the actions of others and how they affect us.

Celebrate Friendship

Kindness, compassion, caring, and understanding are all things that we expect our students to display toward one another on a daily basis, but, for many of our students, there are factors in their lives that sometimes make this a challenge for them. For this reason, it's important that we continually reinforce these valued qualities and discuss their impact on our classroom environments with our students.

Idea: During your weekly R-Time activity, focus on the things that make your classroom conducive to building respectful friendships. Here are a few suggestions:

- Discuss different situations that could arise between classmates/friends. Have the students act out both appropriate & inappropriate responses to each.

- Create a list of friendship qualities and have students rank them from most to least important and defend their responses.

- Come up with definitions of friendship in partner groups, share aloud, & compose one inclusive class definition.