Titanic Cruise Line

Take a Trip April 10-16th

The Size of the Beast

The brand new Titanic is finally complete. One of the most monstrous of the boats. Unsinkable. The new ship is 882 feet long, larger than that of a plane.

Activity's to do

The 1st class of the ship will be able to take a relaxing swimming pool, gymnasium, and a squash racquet court. The 2nd class may enjoy some afternoon coffee and tea under the sunset. Finally, 3rd class may enjoy a smoking room with it's own bar.


This giant beast crafted with steel can withstand any obstacle in it's way including icebergs. This ship contains water tight doors in the hull that can withstand any water leak.

Cost of Trip

  • 1st class: $4350.00 per person
  • 2nd class: $60.00 per person
  • 3rd class: $40.00 per person