Elizabeth Haddon News

January 27, 2023


1/30 Run Off for Your Life (5W) 9:00am Library

1/30 Run Off for Your Life (5D) 10:00am Library

1/30 Run Off for Your Life (5H) 11:35am Library

2/2 Haddon Fortnightly Annual 5th Grade Spelling Bee 6:00-8:00 PM

2/2 Kindergarten 23-24 Information Night 7:00 APR

2/6 Stromboli Sale Order Deadline

2/9 EH New Kindergarten and 1st Grade Registration

2/10 Interim Reports on Genesis Grades 1-5 after 3:30PM

2/10 Valentine's Day Chocolates Order Deadline

2/10 Stromboli Pickup, 3PM Blacktop

2/10 Hot Chocolate and Pretzel Sale hosted by 5th Grade, Blacktop and Front, 3PM

2/13-2/17 Random Acts of Kindness Week

2/14 Valentine's Day Parties 2:15-3:00 PM

2/14 Valentine's Day Chocolate Pickup, 3PM Blacktop

2/20 School Closed - President's Day

2/21 School Closed for students - Teacher Professional Development Day

2/24 Spaghetti Bingo 6:00-8:00 PM

2/27 Noontime Enrichment begins Grades 2-4

2/28 Community Meeting, 1045AM

3/3 Group Picture Day

New School Based News

Valentines Day Party Reminders and Pre-Check

Prek AM - 2/13 10:10-10:55

Prek PM - 2/13 2:15-3:00

KAM: 1015AM

KPM, Grades 1-5: 215PM

Please do not bring younger siblings to parties as our classrooms are crowded. If you're assisting with parties and have had your ID scanned before you can pre-checkin here. Please complete by 12PM on 2/10. If you have not had your ID scanned before, please arrive early to sign in.

Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 13-17

The Haddonfield Elementary Schools will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week from 2/13 to 2/17. RAK Week is a celebration of kindness to ourselves, each other, and the community through different themed days; see below.
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Book of the Month: The Oldest Reader

We are sharing a book of the month at our monthly community meeting. At our January meeting, we listened to part of The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read.

February RULER Lessons

This month, RULER lessons will focus on emotion words that can be used to describe an emotion in the “red” quadrant of the Mood Meter. Individuals who can use words to express emotions are better prepared to work skillfully with those emotions and then determine if they want to stay with that emotion or shift how they feel. Students will be introduced to terms such as furious, nervous, irritable, competitive, envious, and exasperated. We encourage you to read the parent connection letter linked below. These letters are a great way to reinforce what your child(ren) is learning at school.

Preschool Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Kindergarten Unit 16 Feeling Word Red

Grade 1 Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Grade 2 Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Grade 3 Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Grade 4 Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Grade 5 Unit 5 Feeling Word Red

Black History Month

In February, we will recognize Black History Month. Click Here to see a lesson each grade level will complete.


Warm up with a yummy hot chocolate bar and Philly soft pretzel sale on Friday 2/10 starting at 3pm.

Find tables in the front of the school as well as the blacktop where you can load up a hot chocolate for $3 and nosh on a Philly pretzel for $2. Cash and Venmo accepted.

The proceeds of this sale support the Lizzy Class of '23 school gift fund. Our 5th graders say thanks for your support!

Growth Mindset Goodnight Question Cube

We thought this might be a great resource for tying in Growth Mindset to your child’s bedtime routine: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UP4Ds6ui-uf2FIDxMEa62w4EbO3xjBGw/view?usp=sharing

Previously Shared School Based News

Reminder: Cell Phone and Smartwatch Use During School

We have noticed a trend that is causing some disruptions in the classroom. Students are using their smartwatches to text or call home without teacher knowledge or permission. As our handbook and the student Acceptable Use Policy states, cell phones and other electronic devices should be shut off and in backpacks. While students can continue wearing smart watches they should be in airplane mode. we encourage parents to have their children leave their watches in their backpacks if possible, as all classrooms have clocks. If students need to communicate with you they should call from the classroom or main office. If a child is using a device without teacher permission it will be confiscated until the end of the day. Frequent occurrences of unauthorized use could result in no longer being allowed to bring these devices to school. Thank you for your assistance with this.

23-24 Kindergarten Information Night and Registration

Please inform friends and neighbors who have 2023-24 kindergarten-age children of the upcoming Kindergarten Information Night on February 2nd at 7PM at Haddon. Kindergarten and New First Grade Registration will take place virtually on February 9th. Click here for registration information.

Lunchtime Speaker Interest Form

Have a unique career? Do you use technology in your job? Please fill out the form here if you're interested in coming in for 30 minutes to discuss your career with students in grades 2-5 during their lunch. You will be contacted depending on your interest and availability. This form doesn't guarantee being invited to come in, as this depends on interest level.

Calling the Classroom

We make a concerted effort not to call the classroom from the main office, unless absolutely necessary, as this interprets instruction. Please make plans with your child for afterschool in the morning before coming to school.

Recess, Line Up, and Proper Attire

Recess/Morning Line Up

  • If the real feel is 15 degrees or above, we will play/line up outside.
  • If the real feel is below 15 degrees, we will play/line up inside.
  • We use weather.com for our temperatures.

Proper Attire

  • Please be sure that your children are dressed in proper attire for the weather.
  • Please send them with gloves, a hat, and a warm winter coat.
  • Please be sure to label all items as we often have lost items during the winter months and we aim to return this quickly when labeled.

Healthy Snacks

Please send your child in with one healthy, easy to eat snack each day. Please do not send in candy as this is not permitted in school.
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Healthy Habit Tips to Set Your Family Up for Success This Cold and Flu Season

Snack Donations Needed

We are in need of some snacks (pretzels, goldfish, granola bars, etc.) for when students forget their snack. If you can donate please bring it to the main office.

Reflex Math: Grades 2-5

Reflex is an online, game-based program that helps students build fast and effortless recall of

math facts. Research has shown that quick recall of math facts is critical for future success in

mathematics. Click Here for Reflex Parent Guide. Your child can access this site via Clever.

HMHS Tutors for Grades 3-5 Students

"Haddon's Helping Hands" (3H) has returned to Haddonfield School District. 3H is a program in which some of our high school students are paired with grade 3-5 elementary students for tutoring and, as a secondary benefit, relationship-building.

After pairing 70+ elementary school students with high school tutors last year, the group is now open to new applications. The application is available here.

Parents should communicate with the HMHS student through the elementary student’s school email address. Scheduling for tutoring sessions depends on the availability of the ES and HMHS student.

EverydayMath Algorithms

This link contains short videos where you can view an example of the Everyday Math algorithms, which are different than traditional methods. This is a great resource for assisting students with homework and studying.

Practice Using the Mood Meter

As a family, consider plotting yourself on the mood meter. Share where you are and why. Helping your child label his/her feelings enhances self-awareness and helps with the next steps of expressing and regulating emotions.
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Being Your "Best Self"

As part of our initiative to provide life skills and character development for our students, EH students have begun taking part in lessons on how to be their "Best Self," helping them to have their actions match who they truly are as individuals. Students are beginning to recognize their feelings, label, regulate, and act from a place that is true to them. If you would like to join this conversation with your child, you may find the questions below helpful; they provide an excellent foundation for a dinner-time conversation about what it means to be our "Best Self."

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Creating a Family Charter

At school, your child's class created a charter sharing how they want to feel at school and what they can do to feel this way. Click Here for steps to create a Family Charter at home.

STOPit App

The Haddonfield School District has once again enrolled with STOPit! STOPit is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors, consisting of an app and a back-end incident management system for school administrators.Our students can have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two simple but powerful features. Report can be used by students to report incidents to school contacts anonymously. For more information on this and download instructions, Click Here.


We’re using IXL to support our curriculum in Math and Language Arts this year, and your child has access to this online program at home. With thousands of skills that match what we’re learning, as well as insights into student progress, IXL is a great resource to help your child excel and practice skills.Click Here for IXL Parent Guide

Adding School Calendar to Your Phone or Google Calendar

Sign-Up To Receive EH PTA E-Blasts

Note: You must fill out this form to receive PTA e-mails even if you have received them previously.

Click Here to sign-up to receive EH PTA E-Blasts

Update Your Contact Information in Genesis

Please click here to update your contact information. Instructions can be found here. It’s important to always keep your contact information updated especially your email. To do this click on “Contacts” at the top right once you login to Genesis. If you need a login please contact Amy Fanrak at afanrak@haddonfield.k12.nj.us

Absence Reporting Procedures

If it is necessary to keep a child home from school, please do one of the following:

  • Call the office before the start of school

Email us at ehattendanceOffice@haddonfield.k12.nj.us or click the link on our school homepage, and include

  • Child’s first and last name
  • Class
  • Reason for absence

If you do not have access to email, you may call in your child absent. You must send in a note when your child returns if you use the call in method.

Important Forms

All important forms can always be found here and on the EH Homepage under the “Important Documents” This site will be updated throughout the year.

School Lunch

  • Lunch cost is $3.35. Payment can be made via the School Lunch Payment Portal or by check made out to Haddonfield BOE
  • Students will be required to order in their classroom each morning.
  • Please review the lunch choices with your child (especially those at the younger grades) to help with ordering at school.
  • For more information: Food Services in Haddonfield

Elementary District Calendar

Haddon Events Calendar

Preschool Modified Schedule

Birthday Celebrations


My School Bucks

This online payment service provides an easy way to pay for items such as ChromeBook fees and class trips using your credit/debit card or electronic check. Enrollment is easy and is available today! To create an account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to www.MySchoolBucks.com and register for a free account.

2. Add your students using their school name and student ID.

3. Make purchases with your credit/debit card or electronic check.

A program fee of 3.9% applies. You will have the opportunity to review any fees

and cancel if you choose, before you are charged.

If you have any questions, contact MySchoolBucks directly:

· support@myschoolbucks.com

· (855) 832-5226

· Visit myschoolbucks.com and click Help

Directory 22-23

We are excited to announce that the Zone PTA has kindly covered the cost for everyone to have access to the school directory for the 2022-2023 school year.

If you were a DirectorySpot user last year, then you don’t need to do anything unless you need to adjust anything. If you want to adjust anything on your record then please do so using a web browser, you will not be able to do it through the app.

If you are a new student or have never been in the directory before, please fill out this form and you will be added to the directory: https://forms.gle/EcZ8STi3ZQYmavS1A. After you fill out the form, I will add you to the directory and you will receive an email that you have been added from DirectorySpot. At that time you can download the DirectorySpot for free from the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users), or you can also access the data from the web: https://www.directoryspot.net

Having contact information up to date is more important now than ever. Please email Lindsey Murphy at lindseyaperry@yahoo.com with any questions!

Pets Prohibited on School Grounds

Dogs are not permitted on the school property during school hours and at drop off and pick up times. Although many children feel safe around animals, some children have adverse reactions to pets even though they may be well trained. We have noticed some families bringing pets onto the school grounds especially at morning line-up or pick-up. Please be considerate of others by cooperating with this policy.

All Community News must be sent to Mr. Chuck Klaus’s office for approval. Community members should submit their news by email to Ms. Channell Jorrin at cjorrin@haddonfield.k12.nj.us in order to be included. Please do not send news directly to the school principals.