Power Gathering

Discovering what is within you, and bringing it out

You've felt "the call"

What are you waiting for? You have known a long time that you wanted to help people.

How do you want to impact this area? What does it mean to you that you live here?

Learn the methods to get out of the realm of ideas and into taking action.

Discover the secrets to using your own innate creativity - and which forms of creativity work best for you.

Have you identified the great story you are living out? Together we will bring the elements of all that is best about that story of yours into your actual life.

Are you interested in preparing your own map for how to go forward? Worried you aren't sure how to take the beginning steps? This program has the techniques to do just that within a community of support.

Something inside says that you were meant for something, something that is going to really help the community of Marquette. Doing this may move you into a life like nothing you have done before.

Maybe you have an inkling of a business you want to start. Maybe you are thinking about a new kind of service to provide. Whatever you feel the pull toward, it is still unclear, but you feel like this is the time to jump in and find what you are here for.

I am so excited to be begin to reveal this amazing method for the support of our community. Together, we are going to do something truly impactful.

Who We Are

We, in this Power Gathering, are people who care about Marquette, and want to get involved in helping other people follow their dreams. In return, we get help following our own dreams.

We will incorporate a little business, a little of our own know how, and a bunch of spirit and soul into creating a life that moves us. This is a decidedly spiritual practice, and anything could happen.

We are finding our power. In 2018 the power is gathering.

The anything but basic parts

This is not for people who want to be alone. This is for people who want to figure it out, together.

Application Required

Please apply by sending an email with your hopes and dreams for this program to Dharmini Robertson at dharminirobertson@gmail.com.

She will review applications and contact you for a phone or in person interview.

This will be a small group of up to 6 people who will be matched in their desire to support you and get their own work off the ground.

The Details

Cost: $500 if paid in full by Dec.1, 2017

$600 if paid after, or month by month.

Duration: January 2018 -December 2018

Dharmini will lead the group Jan. - May and then others in the group will take over.

Please be prepared to be devoted to your own process for one year. After that, you can move on into new dreams or processes as you wish. My hope is that some will remain on to support the next group coming in.

Meetings will be scheduled according to the participants' schedules. There will be at least one formal meeting per month, and additional supports, calls, emails and many other supports as you need them.

Powerful One on One Support will be offered as a part of this process. Know that included will be several one-on-one sessions will be provided to you to use as you feel ready. You will also have access to call as needed.

Incredible opportunities to get support from community leaders is a part of this program. As I come to know you, I will be inviting people who will enjoy supporting you on your path. Meet possible mentors, people who have been there who can answer questions and get you involved in ways you may not have expected.

Signing a nondisclosure agreement will be required since our practice is so potent and is the culmination of years of hard work. I ask that people not share the secrets of my method, but apply it with your own amazing craft. Know that what you create for yourself and your own expression will be yours. Completing this process will mean you never worry about what is yours or how to move it forward again.

This is a process. You will find you have a cultivated community to take you forward, right here, without having to go to a bigger city to get this level of support. You will find you are beginning to do something big with impact throughout the area.