Project Reno-Vance

By: Jenna Doyle, Sidney Bolden, and Haley Gibson

Shapes used to make the building: Rectangles

The reason we used rectangles is because it is a simple and practical shape. It makes it easier to put the classrooms together, optimizes floor space, and organize the different subjects better. We put all of the curricular classes together so that we could have more room for the extracurricular classes. We kept the classrooms the same size because we think that if we made any classroom bigger that it would show favorites. All of the curricular classes are on the top floor, while the extracurricular classes are on the bottom floor.

Criteria for Project:

Money Limit: $33,000,000
Price per square foot: $220
Total square feet: 150,000 square feet

Total amount of money and square footage:

Total amount of money used: $12,804,000
Total amount of square feet used: 58,200 square feet

Easily Accessed Classrooms

Our school is best because it makes it easy to get from class to class, and it allows the same subject teachers to talk about their classes and other plans in a relatively close proximity of their students. Not to mention it helps out the students by reducing the distance for the students to carry their heavy backpacks and other belongings.

Big Related Arts Rooms:

In this new design we made sure to make the related arts classrooms big, so that when the kids come into their related arts class they can know that they can be themselves with their interests out in the open.

Big Auditorium and Library:

We made the auditorium about as big as the library because there are going to be a lot more kids at this school, since when we leave it is going to be 6-8th grade instead of 7-8th grade. If there are more kids then that means you need more seats to fill and more books to check out.

Reasons why this project was hard:

My research team and I were having a lot of trouble with the measurements. We had to change our numbers more than once because we thought that we would be over what we thought we were. The criteria made that hard because we only had so much space to work with, and a limited budget. Now the budget wasn't that hard, but in the end we cut it a bit close with a wopping $12,804,000 and 58,200 square feet.


In conclusion, our building is worth buying because it is practical, simple, creative, and doesn't cost that much money. So please consider our school as one you will be interested in buying. Thank you for listening to our presentation.