Southern Bling Team April Amazing!

April was AMAZING!

You all blew my mind!

Ladies I cannot say enough about what you all did in April! You set sales records, you got second time promotions, you promoted for the first time, you sponsored your HEARTS OUT and I just know it's going to get BETTER AND BETTER because the weather is getting warmer, summer is around the corner and people are ready to get outside and hang out and just be HAPPY! And isn't that what a TRUNK SHOW IS ALL ABOUT? Just being happy and hanging out? Keep that in mind when reaching out to BOOK!!!


Wow these ladies played NO GAMES in April and ROCKED IT OUT! And made some crazy good commissions, bonuses and shared some JOY this month! They deserve a HUGE SHOUT OUT!

Top in Sales:

Shae Borgert--$8557
Lori Gowdy--$8199
Joanna Gerkhe--$4204
Anna Coyne--$3602
Kimverly Gleason--$3106
Kelly Quelette--$3030
Stacie Meiburg--$2796
Kami Wilson--$2572
Laura Dawson--$2261
Ashley Brown--$1944

Top in # of Qualified Shows in April:

Lori Gowdy--7
Shae Borgert--6
Kelly Quelette--5
Adrianne Terzian--4
Anna Coyne--4
Jill Markijohn--4

Top in Stylists Sponsored (and we aren't done yet!!!)

Kelly Quelette--3
Lori Gowdy--3
Jill Markijohn (in her JUMPSTART!!!)-3
Adrianne Terzian--2
Anna Coyne--2
Lisa Sasser--2
Shae Borgert--2
Amy Lubell-1
Ashley Loveless-1
Emily Kirby--1
Kathleen Burton--1
Kimberly Gleason--1
Lindsey McDavid--1
Laura Patrick--1
Jeannine Curl--1
Lesley Pennington--1
Laura Einreinhofer--1

Welcome to the newest Stylists on the Southern Bling Team!

Welcome to these 31 stylists who joined our team and the Stella and Dot World in April!

Caroline Blount
Heather Hood
Rebecca Poellot
Sherry Raben
Carter Craigg
Stevie Lorenz
Amanda Morangello
Dawne Barnes
Kimberly Gowing
Brittany Howell
Emily McDonald
Erin Pender
Jennifer Christman
Chelsea Mercier
Erika Gross
Amber Phillips
Deanna Rogers
Vicky Bamgboye
Stephanie Low
Amanda Stickle
Melody Lugo
Stephanie Keatts
Gina Murdoch
Jennifer Polley
Lindsey Bishop
Chelsea Ferguson
Jenessa Kayyali
Katya Plewniak
Abra Fitzpatrick
Andrea Gotta
Ashley Brown



Tip for May!!!

Don't wait until the middle of the month is here because it will be here fast----USE TODAY AND THIS WEEK TO CALL--do your 2-2-4-2---2 calls a day to book shows, 2 stylist conversations for sponsoring, 4 trunk shows a month and 2 outside orders a week! It's that simple! TO BOOK FOR MAY NOW!!!! Have your month set up before the middle of it hits! There is no better feeling than PLANNING AHEAD!


If you are a brand new stlyist DON'T WASTE THESE DAYS IN YOUR JUMPSTART because you don't get them back! Stella and Dot will reward you with as much Product Credit as you can handle if you WORK IT! So do these things NOW--TODAY!

1. Set a date for your LAUNCH SHOW and GET THE WORD OUT AND INVITE! Set it up in the lounge, invite people via EMAIL using the system in the lounge, send out cute RED STAMP reminder texts to ladies (download the REDSTAMP APP NOW if you don't have it!) and GET IT SET!
2. MAKE YOUR LIST AND START REACHING OUT! Start booking DEBUT SHOWS FOR MAY! Make your reach outs PERSONAL and FUN AND CASUAL!!! IT'S a Fun TRUNK SHOW--private shopping with a drink and a friend--THAT IS ALL so DON'T OVERTHINK IT AND KEEP CASUAL AND FUN! And reach out to each person with a PERSONAL AND EXCLUSIVE TOUCH!!!!
3. Use this week and the extension of the New Stylist Special to SHARE THE OPPORTUNITY AND SPONSOR! It's always more fun with a friend!
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Don't Forget New Stylist Calls and LIVE!

Plenty of times to Jump On this week!!!