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Nastablook: The social media site you love, but better (Yes! Even Snapchat)

Nastablook is a social media/social networking that improves on all of the things you hate about other ones. Why should we give a hoot about your app, you say? Well, owl tell you! You know all the things wrong with other apps and sites. Twitter's character limits? Limitless. Instagram's 15-second videos? As long as you want. And don't even get us started about Snapchat's disappearing posts. Our website breaks down the cage of confinement and allows for you creativity to soar on our digital playground. The sky is the limit for our high-flying app!

Information About Us!

Nastablook was made by Tralyxtech, a corporation founded by Tra Reynolds and Alyx Lucero. We watched our app hatch from a simple program to a multi-million dollar idea. We have designed this app as a means of communication for anyone and everyone. That is why our demographics are so lenient to who would want to use it. We make money through the use of ads. We have many big, brand name companies that use our app and site, including Disney, Kellogg's, and Target. These ads are unobtrusive on the user's activities, however. You benefit from these, too! We hold sweepstakes and contest every 2 months! We will provide the hashtag needed to get our attention, then you have a chance to win a prize!