Pothier Newsletter

February 2016

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Families,

I am very proud of our students and teachers. They have been working very hard towards meeting the standards in all subjects. Students are learning and adjusting to Eureka Math. If parents need extra support at home in helping their child, please take a look at our school website www.woonsocketschools.com and click on the tab SCHOOLS and then click on Governor Pothier. Once you are on our school website, click on the tab PARENT RESOURCES. You will see Eureka Math Homework Helper. This will take you to the exact module and lesson that your child is working on and show you how to help your child with the assignment. Please take a look at it for extra support.

Students are also working very hard in reading. It is important that children are exposed to print as much as possible to help them grow as independent readers. I want to encourage parents and families to read to their children as much as possible. You may be as creative as you want. While they are taking a bath you can read the newspaper or a poem to them or while waiting for a doctor's appointment. We know how long we have to wait sometimes.

Going over sight words can be very helpful as well. The most important element is that children are having fun reading while spending time with their families.

I would like to invite parents to our next Principal Coffee Hour and SIT meeting. Please look at our newsletter calendar or our school website calendar to see the current events we are hosting.

We were offered the opportunity to partnership with Stadium Theatre this year to offer our Kindergarten students the ability to experience going to the theatre. They will be watching the Anti Bullying show put on by Stadium Theatre this month. We are so excited for our students!

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office or visit.

Thank you,

Celeste Conti

Governor Aram Pothier Elementary School will provide a safe and rich learning environment that challenges students to meet the highest standards in order to become independent learners as well as respectful citizens in a diverse community that respects individuality.

Preschool News

During the month of February the preschool will continue to learn and explore through many fun and exciting activities. Our themes for the month will be shapes, colors and feelings. The children will explore these concepts through multi-sensory activities that will incorporate many areas of learning. We will introduce new vocabulary as well as work on early math and literacy skills. We always have a great time learning, growing and exploring together in preschool!

Kindergarten News

We are so proud of our Kindergarten students. They have been working really hard and have made a lot of progress thus far.

In literacy, we will continue to learn how to make connections with books we are reading. In addition to learning about letters and sounds, we will continue to work on sight word recognition.

In math, we will be wrapping up Module 3 which is about comparing numbers 1-10 and describing measurable attributes of objects, such as, length or weight. We will begin Module 4 this month and students will gain a deeper understanding of number pairs. They will also be introduced to addition and subtraction to 10.

Lastly, we are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with our classmates.

First Grade News

The first grades have been very busy these past few months! We have been learning many different strategies to help solve word problems in math. Please ask your child about these! Reading has also been very exciting! All of the classes have been improving their independent reading stamina. Some classes are up to 30 minutes!! As first grade teachers we are very proud of our students and we know you are proud as well.

Second Grade News

During the month of February we will be celebrating our 100th day of school. Our students will be involved in many interesting 100th day activities. In reading our second graders will be focusing on the elements of Nonfiction text. They will also be starting their own research project. Each second grade classroom will have a different topic.


During the months of January and February, all students in grades K, 1st Physical and 2nd, will be participating the JumpRope for Heart event that is sponsored by the American Heart Association.

For the month of January, students learned all about their hearts. They learned why they have one, what it looks like, and most importantly how to keep it healthy! In addition they learned about children who have sick hearts and how they can help those children and become a heart hero.

Donations will be collected by Friday, February 12, 2016. The Jumprope for Heart event will take place during Physical Education classes the week of February 8, 2016!

We are excited to become HEART HEROS!

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Parent Corner

Tips for Reading with your Child

Don't leave home without it

Bring along a book or magazine any time your child has to wait, such as at a doctor's office. Always try to fit in reading!

Once is not enough

Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems. Re-reading helps kids read more quickly and accurately.

Dig deeper into the story

Ask your child questions about the story you've just read. Say something like, "Why do you think Clifford did that?"

Take control of the television

It's difficult for reading to compete with TV and video games. Encourage reading as a free-time activity.

Be patient

When your child is trying to sound out an unfamiliar word, give him or her time to do so. Remind to child to look closely at the first letter or letters of the word.

Pick books that are at the right level

Help your child pick books that are not too difficult. The aim is to give your child lots of successful reading experiences.

Play word games

Have your child sound out the word as you change it from mat to fat to sat; from sat to sag to sap; and from sap to sip.

I read to you, you read to me

Take turns reading aloud at bedtime. Kids enjoy this special time with their parents.

Gently correct your young reader

When your child makes a mistake, gently point out the letters he or she overlooked or read incorrectly. Many beginning readers will guess wildly at a word based on its first letter.


Don’t forget parents….you can view the Pothier Newsletter on our school website: http://pothierelementaryschool.weebly.com, along with lots of other informative information.

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PTO News

Our PTO meeting is Tuesday, February 9, at 5:30. Please join us. Together, we can make a difference!

On Wednesday, February 3, children can wear their favorite sports' team by donating a dollar.

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Monthly Calendar

February Happenings

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